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For this writeup, as well as being a review on their content, this will also be a way for me to put my case forward, for LumeProductions being held as either current or future national treasures and held in the same light as a modern version of British institutions like the 1970’s Confessions film series, Eurotrash, the Carry On Series, James Bond, Hammer Horror, Aardman Animations, etc. And on another level, Lucy and Elly should be noted among other legendary British duos, like Ant and Dec, Wallace and Grommit, Fish and Chips, etc.




Cast and crew

Lucy Muse and Elly Raine

They both came to my attention via some of my favourite things. My love of public nudity and love of a big bum

Lucy I first saw somewhere, probably YouTube or even on Twitter, every time she takes part in the annual nude bike ride, in the UK she always gets a lot of coverage and attention, partly due to her being gorgeous but also because she is very confident in her own skin. She often makes videos of her own experience and interviews other participants at the event too. Through looking more into her, I discovered the equally gorgeous Elly and her magnificent derrière and was now hooked on LumeProductions. I went through a rabbit hole, discovering their artistic endeavours too but arrived back at their porn production company, ran by themselves.


I love Lucy and Elly for different reasons. They both share being insanely sexy and they both have different aspects of them that I dig equally. I find that every time I watch a series that predominately features one of them throughout, I tend to momentarily fall in lust with that particular person more than the other.

Elly is a stunner both facially and physically, with an ass created to be worshipped. I love watching her giving head, especially in earlier episodes, because aside from it visually looking great there's always such a look and sound of contentment when she's doing it.  Her role as Dr Elly Raine is incredible and something that I will cover in more detail later.

I love Lucy's dynamic of being a gorgeous cutie, who still has a slightly feisty side to her. She appears to be the more dominant of the two, at least in a sexual dynamic, shown in videos like Femmecuck, Bound, and others. I love her ability to come up with these seemingly improvised and quick witted lines quickly while still delivering it perfectly. 

In videos where they are both present, they work together very well with a great rapport, knowing when to speak or let the other lead… or if either of their mouths are full, the other will fill in the silence well.

Even they’re “bye” at the end of their videos is now something that I almost look for now, like Cilla Black’s, “Tara” at the end of her tv shows. Or the cute way they say, “cumming…” any time they climax.


The lucky guys

Even the pick of guys they routinely use are unique, in that they aren't the standard type you usually see in porn. Most are still packing, but body shapes, sizes and ages are a mix.

Some of the names I caught watching the different series: Tricky Dicky, Johnny, Brad.


I’m not a camera expert but I love the look of the camera they use. I feel like they use something like a less extreme version of a Fisheye lens - some kind of wide angle lens - in some of their scenes, giving it this subtle but noticeable look. Most notable in scenes when they purposely bring their faces to the forefront of the camera, like in a good portion of the Dr Elly series or videos like, Looking Up, Crack of Dawn, etc.

The editor

I’m not sure who the editor is but they are supremely talented. They definitely have a certain style that is repeated throughout every video (like the way they edit the titles) but will then throw in something different and unique. They seem to actually watch the footage that is presented to them and edit according to what is needed. A good analogy is a music engineer who just applies the same mixing style to every song they are tasked with mixing, as opposed to an engineer who listens to everything - listens to tracks isolated, listens to the artists vision and then engineers with that particular track in mind, often elevating the track in the process.

A great example of this was the video Cam To Cam for Elly’s PRHB series, where she was roleplaying facetiming someone and getting off with them. The dialogue was good and obviously Elly is always a great watch, but the editing, around the half way point, elevated the video and made it even more arousing and engaging. The editor started to layer or overlap the audio of Elly speaking with the audio of her moaning and the sounds of her being wet, as she was fingering herself rapidly.

Also the editing for the previews, are very well put together.

The synopsis writer

This could possibly be Ruth Raine, admin at Lume and also Elly Raine’s sister. It's always accurately described and always matches the energy that you will find in the videos. 

The Lume Series:-

-Evil Elly-

A series primary focussing on Elly and her sexploits but shot in a minimalistic and realistic style. Sometimes the style of shooting wouldn’t seem out of place in certain types of arthouse movies, with the style of cutting and picturesque outdoor locations shot beautifully. I love the natural ambient sounds being present and very noticeable in the many moments where there’s very little to no dialogue, which is what happens for the majority of the videos in this series. The only exception so far is in a recent video where Elly continually addressed the camera, roleplaying a one on one scenario with a guy, while playing with herself.

My personal top 5 in this series, so far (in no order):

  • Bound

  • Fucked In the Dunes

  • Fucked By Brad

  • Crack Of Dawn

  • Red Chair

-The Mole-

This series is pretty much the counterpart of the Evil Elly series but shot with Lucy in the lead role. A video like Footwork, is a similar theme to Elly’s, Crack of Dawn or Femmecuck by Lucy is the equivalent of Bound. The style is pretty much the same as what I listed above and what I write about this series, could also be applied to the above.

I love that in the videos, where it applies, the story or theme can still be conveyed without the need for dialogue. Like in Femmecuck, where we see a submissive Elly watching Lucy getting railed throughout the video, while she could only play with herself. The title sort of gives it away but it’s the great way they acted that brought home the idea of this Cuckquean relationship, with no dialogue and only great acting from the pair. I loved Lucy’s bratty smirking directed at Elly, who’s cute and super submissive eyes, often longingly looked up to her partner, while at other times being turned on by the action happening inches away from her face... later on even being made to watch from afar.

Other videos are left open to interpretation and sometimes feel like scenes plucked from a longer feature - who was the mystery guy that Lucy was hooking up with in Back Alley or what was the whole back story of Secret Garden Kiss. Or in a video like Fucked In The Dunes, the backstory to that whole scenario is an interesting thing to ponder. In both of their respective versions of that video, it opens with them appearing from behind a mound, walking along a path towards the camera before walking past it, as the camera stays in spot watching them as they continue along the path and out of sight behind another mound. They later find themselves on a beach where they strip before continuing walking. The camera, that was initially just there to observe the events, now becomes the POV of the lucky guy waiting, in the dunes, to fuck the leading ladies. There’s no introductions or pleasantries, just straight to it and after their brief sexual encounter, including some great doggy POV, the ladies then walk up the steep dune and out of sight…

My personal top 5 in this series, so far (in no order):

  • I Spy

  • Fucked In the Dunes

  • Femmecuck

  • Paranormal Fucktivity

  • Wet/Book Club

-Fair Do's Lucy Muse-

The rest of the series’ at Lume have the ladies speaking more directly to the audience and with a slightly different aesthetic. This series has Lucy display some more naughty shenanigans, sometimes presented in a kind of challenge based format. For the UK readers think, Challenge Anneka but more X-rated and without the tv budget. 

Some episodes in the series follow the theme more literally with Lucy challenging herself to fuck a huge fisting dildo, get banged in all 3 holes, eat ass for the first time and one where she braves getting doused in a golden shower. 

Other episodes have been more loose with the challenge theme, such as one where she tells a riveting story which, after hearing how the story transpired, could definitely be considered a challenging sexual encounter. Foul Mouth is a favourite because of how funny it is, with Lucy joined by Elly, almost compete in saying the rudest things about themselves and each other, while getting banged. The potty mouth antics is funny and that ‘rivalry’ between them is a funny theme that gets played out on different videos throughout the various series.

My personal top 5 in this series, so far (in no order):

  • Old Jim

  • 3 Holes Challenge

  • Foul Mouth

  • Lucy Eats Arse

  • Fucking Elly’s Ex


-Plain Raine Horny Brain-

This series is again similar to the last series, Fair Do’s Lucy Muse. Elly also converses directly to the audience and also has some videos which have a challenge type theme - but there are less of those and more ones that live up to the title of the series, as Elly Raine satiates the desires of her horny brain. Being a fan of public shenanigans, it was great to see Elly indulging in some exhibitionistic type content, with some being in places that elevated the risk factor. In a couple of vids, it was also great to hear her touch on why she loves getting naked, and the duality of it being both a way of life and also a kink that turns her on. 


My personal top 5 in this series, so far (in no order):

  • My Arse

  • Home Alone

  • Horny Raine

  • Hot Wheels

  • Cam To Cam


-Lucy Loves-

This series is pretty much explained in the title, as Lucy shows her audience the various ways she likes to get off, from the many public and indoor videos of her pleasuring herself to also showing her love of trying out new sexual experiences with others, like getting off with a guy with a cock piercing, in Metal Dick, or trying a couple of strap-ons on Elly. There was also an episode with her sister, Luna Fae, which seems to have been deleted, but it was still great to see another sexy lady at Lume and potentially see her as a reoccurring guest, in future videos. 

One of my favs has to be Total Filth, a video that backups up what I said about Lucy being a really great speaker as she seemingly freestyled a plethora of filthy words, phrases, and sexy alliterations. A true gift of gab.

My personal top 5 in this series, so far (in no order):

  • Birthday Bonk

  • Knickers

  • Subs

  • Total Filth

  • Sexy Wrestling


I’m pretty sure the title of this series is a play on the word newsflash, and some of the videos do have that type of theme, with Lucy almost reporting on certain things she’s doing, and narrating through it too.  Like she said in the first video in the series, “We explore sex, nudity and other strange happenings.” 

Like some of the other series’ on Lume, the theme is sometimes played loose, with certain videos feeling like they could easily fit into some of the other groups, i.e. Fair Do’s Lucy Muse and Lucy Loves.

My personal top 5 in this series, so far (in no order):

  • LickMyCunt

  • Naked Boxing

  • Multi-Tasking Dildo

  • Fucking Lucy Muse

  • Boobs And Brew (all 3)

-Sex Lab-

Similar to, The Mole and Evil Elly, this series plays very close to the theme and is also one of my favourites of all the series’. Elly pIays the character of Dr Elly Raine, a sex scientist, who although is somewhat knowledgeable in some aspects of sex, is still quite naïve in others. She presents diaries of her sexperiments on video in an eccentric but eloquent way - while also getting banged silly. 

I’m sure Elly has a fun time playing this character. as Dr Elly Raine is the Hyde to Elly Raine’s, Dr Jekyl, a part of herself that she doesn’t expose too often. In all the other series, the way she acts doesn’t seem to be too far from her everyday persona, but in this she seems to be able to really show off the more quirky and eccentric side to her. The mini movies of this series, Fuckmas Special, Cunt Fuckula and A Fuckmas Carol are great examples of why this is a standout series and also great at showcasing Elly’s comedic chops while still being a sexy goddess.


In earlier videos, it looked plausible that this highly sexed doctor was legitimately conducting sexperiments but by the more recent episodes, it became evident that she was just using this to feed her insatiable appetite for sex. And as the series progresses, Dr Elly seems to become even more of a manic nymphomaniac. A lot of Dr Elly’s dialogue, especially in the earlier videos, reminds me of the character of Dr Young, recording voice-notes for his own sexperiments, in 1972’s Deep Throat. A more obvious movie reference comes up in, Cunt Fuckula, where Dr Elly loses her ability to cum - which gives a nod to the Austin Powers movie, The Spy Who Shagged Me, where Powers loses his mojo and subsequently his ability to perform.


There was also another hilarious mini series called, Doctors Log, which featured Dr Elly Raine but also Dr Frankinsex, (who also had funny cameos in the Sex Lab series ) which adds even more backstory to Dr Elly’s character. 


My personal top 5 in this series, so far (in no order):

  • Nymposomniac

  • Every Which Way Pt.1

  • Doctor Denial

  • The Impenetrouble Cumundrum

  • Fuckmas Special/Cunt Fuckula/A Fuckmas Carol


-We Are Lume-

The first couple of videos gave the impression that this was going to be a behind the scenes based series, which is something I always like to see, and for the most part it is - just done in their own way, with some kind of sexual activity still obviously being a major part of it.


The first was a behind the scenes on one of my favourite videos from the Evil Elly series, Bound. This behind the scenes video had them talking directly to the camera, as well as fucking - which started  before the actual scene started with the ladies pretty much acting as fluffers to the guy who was already hard as a rock.... or as Lucy confessed, “… angling for pre-shoot sex”. It later fast-forwarded to more banging and behind the scenes conversation after the shoot concluded.


The second was a commentary type.  My first time seeing a commentary video was actually in The Mole series, for a video called, Before She Was Famous 2, which featured Lucy's audio commentary over footage of her first time being recorded doing it on camera. She gave an honest while still raunchy and explicit take on the thoughts in her head that day, in typical Lucy fashion.  

This episode, Cocktober Cockpilation, had a similar DVD commentary feel but with their faces shown in a small box on the screen, as they reacted to their own compiled footage over the years. 


There are videos that are similar to these, in the traditional sense of a what a behind the scenes video is, compilation videos too. And there are others that mix storytelling/fantasy in with it - like in, Up To No Good. And others like, Bitch Fight which are almost like mock behind the scenes footage, with a story being acted out under the lens of it still being a BTS video - similar to the genre of mockumentaries, with shows like The Office that act out a story under the lens of it being a documentary. Very creative content that I really enjoyed.


My personal top 5 in this series, so far (in no order):

  • Shooting Bound

  • Cock Fight

  • Forrest Fondle

  • Bitch Fight

  • Up To No Good


The loosies

Most of the content I've discussed is the more recent offerings, posted in and about the last two years. There is also 50+ videos they've posted earlier as standalone videos, before they made curated videos for the various series. I’m not completely sure of the dates these videos were created because for some reason ManyVids doesn’t list the year of when a video is uploaded, only the month and day… you can sometimes guess when it dropped through comments or reviews left because those seem to have the years on it, but that’s obviously not the best way to know exactly when it was released. 


Anyway, a couple of these videos could probably be categorised as more regular porn, at least by their standards. Most even having generally more regular titles but still showing hints of some of the tropes and style that is now Lume standard. A video like Lucy Gets The Cream, with the limited dialogue, the beautiful agony style of shooting which they have used in a number of their series videos, to even the titling of it being more synonymous with their current way of doing it, makes this a video that I could definitely see being included in a series like, The Mole. Or, Lucy Shoots A Porno, being something that could have been in the, We Are Lume series. 


Great to retrospectively watch as they work out kinks, like sounds from camera holding or some videos which had very creaky floor boards which were picked up every time a performer moved. Also watching them figure out their own style in real time, was cool to see and things that they evidently took on board when curating the polished group of series that now exists. Throughout, I’ve talked about Lucy’s great way with words, in a video like Lucy Discovers Cuckolding or Lucy Explores Her Body, you can still see her talent for sexy storytelling or descriptive speech but not with quite the same Lucy Muse swagger and confidence that you find in current offerings.  Even, for want of a better word, their 'catchphrases' like the cute way they utter, “Cumming…” when they climax, is not really heard on the majority of these earlier 50+ videos and is another example of them growing into their own style.


One element that I liked from these videos, that is not really in the serialised videos, is the public aspect, videos like Lucy Flashes and Plays On A Train and the similarly themed Lucy Flashes, being great examples. Various videos in the different series do feature them playing in public settings, mainly in open fields or forests and Elly has filmed a lot of stuff in her car but as I am more into seeing something slightly more daring, those two videos showed more elements of risk. They might have stopped because of the potential risk of getting in trouble or it could be platform related. I remember at one time ManyVids putting some kind of restriction on that type of content being made, after a model supposedly went too far and a lot of models complained. Sites like OF also have a stricter ban on that type of content too. It could have also simply been because of lockdown restrictions and now that everything has opened again, they may start making more of those types of videos.

My personal top 10 out of these (in no order):

-Elly Loves Her Body

-Cream Pie Lucy

-Elly Gets A Facial

-Elly Sucks Cock

-Lucy Discovers Cuckolding

-Lucy Does POV

-Lucy Facial Spectacle/ Lucy Gets A Facial

-Lucy’s Girlfriend/Lucy Kisses A Girl/Lucy Tickles Feet

-Lucy Sucks Cock

-Lucy’s Face During Sex

Lume Cinematic Universe

In the same way comic films have stories intertwined between different films in the franchise, there’s been a couple of instances of that happening with Lume. One that I can bring to mind is in an episode starting with Elly, entitled Fuck Buddy, an episode from the Evil Elly series. This also happens to be one of my favourite videos in the whole catalogue, mainly because I loved and related to the warm, passionate and realistic fucking that was shown. Also, the minimal jump cuts and instead the long unedited shots of the action, played a huge part too - loved the way it very slowly faded to black at the end.

But back to the story arch. A few videos later, Elly’s video was then followed up with one featuring Lucy, where she fucked Elly’s ex, in the Fair Do’s Lucy Muse series - which was the guy previously in Elly’s Fuck Buddy video. Lucy, as always, didn't disappoint with the dialogue and throughout the video made comments about how she took great pleasure in banging him, mainly because he was with Elly first. 


Then a few videos later, the third part in the trilogy was put out, in the We Are Lume series. The two of them were about to do a scene together, but from the start,  Elly was visibly angry at Lucy. After some back and forth, it’s revealed that she is pissed off after watching the video of her getting off with her ex. After some more back and forth and some arguing, the title of this video, Bitch Fight was realised, as they engaged in some sexy and playful pushing, shoving and fingering… everything that you would hope to see when 2 girls go at it. 

I loved that continued story arc and all three of those vids were great individually as standalones too.

Another example is the video,  Raine The Rimmer from PHRB being the video where the story started and later concluded in Lucy’s, Lucy Eats Ass video.

Video Price

Pricing on content or specifically videos is kind of a weird topic of discussion. In recent years various people have discussed the value, specifically the value one puts on their product or service they sell, with people having differing opinions - me included which I’ll share in more detail in a different article.


But in regards to Lume they it set up perfectly for me. Every video is priced at the very fair price of about $5, regardless of the length. But most importantly to me, they have a view all membership option, that allows all videos to be seen. Like I said, I will cover more about my personal preferred way of consuming purchased content but, briefly, the reason why this way of doing it is great, for me, is twofold. 

1.Having videos all priced the same would encourage me to buy more videos individually, especially at the great prices they set.

2.Even if all the videos were priced differently, having a 'view all' membership option allows the subscriber to watch all the videos and then also  potentially buy the specific videos that they particular love, too.


They also have recently introduced a member only series on MV which looks to be another exciting series, judging by this sexy preview by the perfect Elly Raine and is even more of a reason to subscribe to see all of their vids.



Also wanted to jot down some of the lingo used by our leading ladies, that might sound foreign to people outside of the UK.

  • Shagging = Having sex ; fucking etc

  • Rogering = getting fucked - usually hard

  • Fanny = Pussy; vagina (in America, fanny is used in reference to the bum.

  • Twat = same meaning for Americans but not pronounced in the American way of ‘Twot’,  

  • Getting your kit off = getting naked

  • todger/willy/length = penis; cock; dick

  • Arse - bum/derrière etc. US folks pronounce and spell it as, ass

Pride of Britain

In a time where being different or unique is not often sought after, it is refreshing to see that Lume try and succeed in offering something different. On ManyVids and anywhere where porn is housed, you'll often see that once a title or genre is doing well (step bro/step sis), many other performers copy that same title or theme to boost sales - which is understandable as the industry is competitive. However, Lume go in a completely opposite direction, with even their titles being weird and sometimes even obscure. 

When I was younger, I used to watch the re-runs of a show called Mr Benn, not Mr Bean - even though that’s a great British show too - and the thing that I loved about Mr Benn was the cozy aspect of it, which is what I also get from their offerings of LumeProductions. That could be because of the the way they converse with the audience in some of the series’ but even in the first two series mentioned, where the style was to not address the camera, there was still that cozy and intimate feeling still rooted in it. I thought it might be because it’s made in a homely environment, but not all homemade porn has the feel that I’m describing here. I guess its just a combination of a lot of things, including all the attributes I mentioned above - from the leading ladies all the way to the synopsis writer.

I purposely noted British shows and people throughout this write-up, not for any other reason than to hopefully show that Lume is just as creative and unique and will hopefully be spoken about in the same light, if not now, then at some point in the not too distant future. Even some of the videos that seemed to be direct nods to certain films or shows, like Hammer or Austin Powers, they still inject their own style. They just bring a much needed new perspective to porn, especially to the British scene.


There's an obvious artistic emphasis to what they do, even outside of pornographic content. Lucy and Elly are also part of a creative trio with Ben Thomas called, Thomas and Muse - producing some great music as well as music videos. Earlier on, also creating live art performances as a counterpart to the music. They also have set up something of their own Netflix, using Vimeo’s OTT video streaming platform to provide a subscription service, for fans to see more from them, and Lume in general, but in a more SFW way - with some videos still featuring their naked lifestyle, One of the first episodes I watched was a hilarious show that saw them pretending that they weren’t engaging in a particular adult British pastime, involving cars and groups of strangers, that I won’t spoil here. Again they have set it up into groups of series, some similar in style and energy to their adult content.

To close, their Britishness is not shown in some sort of weird xenophobic rhetoric, but instead shown through their quality of work and ability to show of their personalities and humour, which has naturally been shaped by being Brits. Lucy and Elly go in the opposite of most British performers, who tend to copy and have their whole aesthetic steeped in Americanisms - but its hard to blame said performers when American culture and influence permeates every aspect of content,  even outside of the adult world. Which makes LumeProductions even more impressive and something of a national treasure, definitely in but also outside the world of porn.



(Jun '22)

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