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Thank you for checking out out our MunkeyBarz sex belt/harness. The response from customers and the feedback in general, has been overwhelming. We are humbled by the stories customers have told us about how MunkeyBarz has improved their sex life.

"Yes, thank you for reaching back out to us. We love Munkey Barz a lot. My partner and I have had problems in the past maintaining grip, in certain positions, especially after using oil or lube... or just when we're in certain positions in general. We have noticed we can generally lengthen our sex time, using Munkey Barz, before regular fatigue sets in. Also the ability for us to penetrate deeper and easier has been most welcomed! So Thank You Again! "

-Jenny (& Erin)

Take a look below at what makes MunkeyBarz such a great product and then join our other satisfied customers by making an order further below.

Thank you

What is MunkeyBarz?

MunkeyBarz is a innovative new sex belt that will bring a little extra excitement in the bedroom... offering harder thrust, deeper penetration, and total control of the pelvis.


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The Patented MunkeyBarz is the most exciting toy for couples in the world... Internationally patented and party proven... 5 star reviews world wide!!!


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MunkeyBarz sex belt is 100 % hand made, lined with foam padding with secure baseball stitching. MunkeyBarz provides harder thrusts, deeper penetration and "total control" of the pelvis.


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"Feel free to use this for promo, guys.

MunkeyBarz is my new favorite 'sex toy', I don't know why something like this didn't exist before. My wife hated when I used to grip her hips and waist too hard in the throes of passion- so doggystyle sex, in particular, was something I couldn't get fully into (literally and figuratively.)

Munkeybarz helps me have the desired grip and control, so I can resume having passionate sex without placing unnecessary strain on my partner. Plus, the leverage I get from using it allows me to angle my penetration much easier and deeper."


MunkeyBarz In Action


Rylee Rabbit and Remi White demonstrate MunkeyBarz™ 


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Just some of the many positions that can be achieved easier, with MunkeyBarz™ 

Get Your... 

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... Today!

Munkeybarz order

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Simple steps to get your MunkeyBarz Belt 

  1. Scroll down and click one of three colours. 

  2. After your selection, the option to choose a belt size will appear in a new window

  3. Choose your size and proceed to checkout

Use promo code: MUNKEYCASH for 10% off your complete order!!!


Sale Price $99.99

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