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🇺🇸Sasha Gibson🇺🇸

Sasha Face


  • Sexy/hot

  • Fun/quirky personality

  • Great interaction and member engagement

  • 'Live' uploads

  • Very regular posting



💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys

  • Anal play

  • Occasional play with her partner

  • Some public nudity/public play

  • JOI

  • Stripping


📷Screenshots/snap msg saving:



Group Premiums are a pretty great way for models to promote their content and on one such group is where I discovered Sasha Gibson. Loved her cute and quirky nature as well as her all round sexiness and soon bought access to her account through FanCentro. I was added back super fast, within 5 mins, with a full story on there on my arrival. There was around 3/4 mini shows; the first a solo one, where she used a glass dildo and later on a vibrator to get off. Loved the moments where she bent over, doing some light twerking that still caused her cheeks to jiggle followed by some slapping and grabbing of her cheeks- all while banging herself with the dildo.


The next one was a live show that started with her sitting on a toilet, with her pulling up her skirt and parting her panties to rub on her kitty. This quickly then transitioned to her moving to the bedroom/living room, where she attempted to get nude, only to be disturbed by a knock on the door. At the time I thought it may have been a family member who knocked but from watching and listening to subsequent snap stories, I now realise she was in a hotel (More on that later). She then briefly returned completely nude and on her bed rubbing and looking sexily into the cam, this time opting for handheld recording.

A few hours later we were taken back into the bathroom for another 'live' snap, with a gorgeous fresh faced/no make up Sasha, who played with herself, while standing in front of the shower.

Around an hour later we were still treated to the brilliant lighting of the bathroom with the sexy Sasha now with make up on but this time on her knees, treating her lucky guy to some morning head. A few snaps later she apologised for not recording all of the sexy show because as she jokingly put it, she “selfishly enjoyed that dick”.


Sasha’s Snap Style

Cosplay is something that's common in adult content and Harley Quinn is often one of the popular characters often portrayed. Sasha, to me, is like the real life embodiment of Harley Quinn, obviously minus the psycho killer part. From the way she sometimes does her hair, to her quirky and funny nature that she not only displays during XXX shows but also with the moments in between. She exudes a free spirited, hippy type vibe.

Because of this, she truly stands out from most performers stylistically in her solo shows. I haven’t seen enough shows with her partner to comment on her styling there- the brief BJ show I mentioned above was super hot though.


Sasha is great with how she uses Snapchat, she is another model who gets and understands the platform. The majority of her shows have an intimate feel and more importantly, that 'feel' is continued through the in-between (non-sex) moments where she just talks or writes some eccentric or funny caption. Even when she occasionally mentions tipping, it’s either done in her quirky brand of humour (“This has been a Slutface Sasha Production. Plz help fund my lobotomy”) or in being super relatable about a current situation she’s in- and even then it’s never said in a way attempting to guilt trip but is talked about in her lighthearted or irreverent way.

It’s through those type of everyday snaps that I discovered another slightly Quinn-esque similarity- in that Sasha plays the guitar, as a singer songwriter. She hasn’t played anything on her Snapchat but has mentioned it only a couple of times with a link to Patreon to whoever wants to help support her musical endeavours.*


With the current popularity of OnlyFans, I have even more of an admiration for models who continue to use Snap especially if they deliver great content on there. It’s one of those platforms that you have to have a genuine love for to continue using it. Memories feature exists but there is no ability to schedule stuff to be uploaded throughout the week like on OF- where you lose any level of real time spontaneity and intimacy.


Sasha Putting In Work

There’s also a different type of work ethic that is required when properly using Snap and Sasha is an example of that. 

Not only does she have a premium account she also has another premium-lite or BOGO account. As a further way for models to promote, they will sometimes offer buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) deals. This means that when purchasing access to a particular models’ premium snap, you will also get added to a few other models’ premium accounts too. In most cases these other accounts are only premium-lite accounts, with incomplete shows/teasers and a whole bunch of promo.

I bought access to Sasha’s proper premium account but she also added me to her BOGO one too. Her premium-lite or BOGO account is better than a few 'full' premiums that I've encountered, and infinitely better than most of the BOGO ones that I was added to (and have subsequently unfollowed). I personally prefer the Group Premium form of promo.

So not only does she have the premium-lite, she also has two group premiums of her own that she runs and manages. (And even the ones that she manages has elements of her quirkiness in it too.) Some of the models are on a few of the Groups that I have but, from my recollection, she is one of the few that posts different shows on the different Group accounts during her allocated slot in the week- some being shows that are ‘live’ or recently recorded. So you can potentially get to see even more shows from her.


I mentioned Sasha being great at forging that ‘closeness’ between herself and her viewers. Some of the ways she does this is in the way she utilises the camera. Sometimes she goes hand held but even when the camera is positioned somewhere, she will often physically bring her self closer to the camera stare into the lens like she’s looking directly at you, in the unique way that she does.

Another camera thing that I like is when you see her get physically close to the phone to restart the recording when Snapchat’s set duration of video recording ends- because she often uploads content  ‘live’- something hearkening back to the good ol’ days of snap, which made it a different viewing experience to that of any other platform, before the memories feature was introduced. 


But I think the biggest part of what makes her Premium truly intimate and the standout part of her snap, is the DM interaction, which is levels beyond what most offer.  A lot of models often promote this as a selling point but most confuse interaction as just sending generic replies to their members but Sasha truly engages. She responds with questions that elicit you to respond and keeps going until the conversation comes to a natural conclusion. Conversations are not a sales play designed to leading you into purchasing something, its organic and seemingly just comes from her being a nice person. 

Once, when talking to her in the DM’s, She brought up the fact that I bought her Premium as well as the BOGO’s and instead of talking about possibly upgrading she asked, “Did any [of the models] stand out? I’m so nosy lol”. (I did still upgrade, giving her the money directly, through her chosen payment method)


Earlier on I talked about discovering that Sasha was in a hotel during my first story viewing on her Premium. Due to her open nature, she let members know that she has to currently live in hotels and not with her folks. So with all the moving and general state of being unsettled, it’s even more impressive that she manages to still put out good content and be super engaged with her members.


I should mention that the majority of her shows are solo and are similar in nature, only as in they’re start with a sexy striptease, showing off her gorgeous body, followed by getting herself off- but she will add different components. She might have a slight BDSM feel for one show by wearing a ball gag and the next time it might be more of a vocal theme with her talking dirty throughout. Sometimes she’s helped by her partner, who holds the camera while she performs. One show in particular was shot very well by her partner, with 360 views of Sasha who was riding a dildo on the floor, as well as filming some good angles and closeups.

Occasionally, Sasha has also shot in different public locations, once doing a solo show in what seemed like a forest at night, a few in her car with her guy again filming and a hand held solo one where she caught someone potentially watching and reacted to it in her funny way. There's also been a show when she was briefly stripping on a roof. I would love to see more stuff with her partner on Snap but her Manyvids has a great amount of boy/girl and girl/girl video on there.

EDIT: Just before before posting this, she did drop another show with her partner. Featuring a BJ and sex finishing with him spraying on her gorgeous body before going in for a round 2. 


Great premium from a great model.


(Oct ’20)


(I also checked out her music on her youtube channel, The first song I clicked on was a live rendition of Sly and The Family Stone's song, If You Want Me To Stay, where as well as singing she played a great extended solo. Check it out here)

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