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🇺🇸Scarlett Rae🇺🇸

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  • Gorgeous

  • Sexy figure

  • Creative

  • Engaging/Open

  • Genuine love of her work

  • Great aesthetically

  • Full 24 hour stories

  •  Responds  to DM's



💰Payment type: 

Subscription payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys

  • Bath/Shower Shows

  • Public flashing/play

  • Stripping/seductive dancing

  • Audio experience


📷Screenshots/snap msg saving:

No rules stated (ask the model)




A cool thing happened, I got a submission from a site viewer at around the same time I first saw Scarlett Rae- on one of the few indie takeover spots left. In writeups I’ve talked about the early days of Premium Snaps were there were a plethora of takeover accounts, some more notable and reputable than others, whereas now takeovers tend to happen within the modelling community- where models join engagement groups and organise takeovers on each others accounts. I talked about it being a good thing but the one drawback that I'm seeing is that you tend to see the same models constantly, very little new faces and too much similarity in styles.


I came across, Global Girls TV’s takeover on Twitter when searching for Snapchat takeover or promo accounts, and although they don’i post a lot, they offer some unfamiliar faces and I like the way it's curated.

Ms Rae may have been one of the first I saw on Global Girls and I made a mental note to get her premium at a later time but was reminded sooner, after receiving the positive feedback of her Snap.


There are a handful of models with whom it’s very apparent that they take their craft seriously and in watching Scar’s takeover and more so the subsequent snaps on her promo account, this became very clear. From the style and quality of her promotion and even the fact that she posts public service announcements, regarding scamming and being happy to provide live verification to potential buyers.


Buying access was a super painless process, my preferred payment method was on offer and her responses were quick and polite- live verification was provided too.


A no show

I normally discuss the first show that I see on a model’s account right after I’ve joined, but Scarlett doesn’t necessarily have shows in the traditional sense. For the most part, they are more like multiple sexy vignettes that encompass a whole 24hr story. Most of the time it is woven into everyday life snaps- so her having breakfast could be a mini topless scene or a seated routine accompanied by music… or sometimes it will just be shot in a regular way, with less of the theatrics but still filmed in an aesthetically pleasing way. When she does blend the everyday happenings with the sexiness, something like making her morning coffee would be a sexy- almost burlesque-like routine, with music and mini freestyle dancing. 

Even shower scenes are usually filmed in a similarly performative way. I can only imagine the time it takes her to set up and film all the angles for just showering alone, especially a few times where she has used an impressive overhead shot.

 Because she rarely does shows in the traditional sense, there are very few repeats of shows. Obviously something like Scarlett’s shower snaps will be similar in nature, but because she seemingly films it all on the day and because she brings her natural creativity to it, it is mostly a different experience every time. 


Style and Art

I think that a quick way to see the level of care a model puts into their work is in observing a model's visual style, in both costume/background but also in terms of the general curation of a signature style and the attention to detail of the content they put out. I sometimes find that models sometimes put the effort into only the promo but when you sign up, you find that it isn’t replicated there. Scarlett's Premium looks the same or even better than the snaps on her promo account. 

 She utilises emoji's and graphics in a cool way that is engaging and not a distraction. There are other effects that she implements that seem to be done outside of Snapchat but still have all the feel of it being made for Snapchat and again, something that adds to the experience, instead of being a distraction. 


Her home has become a familiar prop and backdrop in her snaps, she uses every inch in a creative way- a corner of the room could be used to position her camera to film the scope of her living room, creating a voyeuristic style while she walks around in her birthday suit acting oblivious to the camera. A hallway could now become an artsy runway installation, sometimes with a particular mood lighting- but always with some tune playing, which could be anything ranging from Prince to the various records suited to her burlesque-esque performances.


There are also the occasional shows uploaded in the traditional sense, these mainly being ones where she gets herself off with her hands or a toy. But any time that I've seen one, its usually incorporated into a fantasy scene. 

 I’m personally a big fan fan of voyeuristic or unaware type content and she implemented this style perfectly in a particularly memorable Goldilocks pastiche- that started with Scarlett stranded outside before ending up inside a house, where she would discover a hidden camera… only after getting herself off on one of the vacant beds.



I aaaaalwaaays mention intimacy being the biggest draw for me in a good Premium Snap and Scarlett Rae’s Premium is a good representation of that. 

And it’s because of things like:


The openness of her content

This includes Scarlett filming and showing practically all areas of her abode, so much so that it feels like you live there, like I mentioned above, her crib has become as much a part of her shows as Scarlett herself.

 Another example of her openness was highlighted during the power crisis that affected Texas, earlier in the year.  Scarlett managed to still post content as usual, while others may have seen fit to not post anything. Her electricity wasn’t badly affected but she was without continuous water- so with the limited water she had, instead of the usual showers, she improvised with a sponge bath using a bucket which was still sexy but more importantly was also informative as she took that time to share info on the shortages in the state. She always maintained a super positive outlook, even taking a friend in who was more affected by the situation. I actually think it was during this period when she filmed the Goldilocks-esqu scene, that I mentioned earlier.



There was this cool storytime series where she shared details on past relationships and marriages, leading up to what she is doing now. I dig stuff like that, and it just adds another layer to her premium and a some understanding of who she is..But again, the way she did it was creative. She had clifhangers at the end of every story and did recaps before resuming. We were also taken to remote areas and I think I remember her even showing some pictures of the time.


Photo sharing

Sometimes Scarlett shares the professional photographs she takes with her Canon camera; and takes us around the environments where she captures them- while sharing info regarding the wildlife or equipment she uses. It’s no coincidence that her snaps look as good as they do. Her understanding of lighting and angles is evident in her work.


Emo and Newbie

I love the way she interacts with her feline friends. One shower show in particular had a funny interruption when the scene cut to the camera positioned on her bedroom floor, with a candid view of her cats walking around in the bedroom, with the caption, “This is what it’s like while I am getting ready in the bathroom” The general funny interactions like the call and responses that Scarlett manages to elicit and capture with her them or watching Emo always displaying dominance over Newbie are all cool touches that adds to an intimacy in her Premium. 


A fault that’s not really a fault

I’ve never been a fan of camshows for a couple of reasons. One- I kinda like the fallacy of feeling like I’m enjoying a private screening, and with cam shows or a site like OnlyFans, that façade is ruined when you see other members online through some kind of public interaction with the model (likes, comment or chat sections etc), In the case of Scarlett’s Premium, the only thing that could shatter my delusion of her performing just for me is snaps of her mentioning the tippers. Models showing gratitude to the tippers is great, but I always prefer it when I receive personal thank you's in the DM’s.  When watching cammodels do it, the praise/attention given to tippers is seemingly done as a way to entice others to do it- which I guess is a valid and smart practice for their business, but not the energy I personally want from Snap.

 Two- when you see the same few names repeated, especially when you first join, you start to feel that that there’s already a clique formed or favoured members.


It’s not really a fault though, it’s more a personal preference and not something I could put as a fault on a her premium.


End Of Story

If you dig content that is more unique, creative, out of the box, intimate, engaging, while still putting the sexiness at the forefront, this Premium would be a perfect addition to your porn portfolio. If you haven't invested in a Premium Snap before, her account may set the bar too high on what you expect from a Premium Snap account and ruin most of your subsequent or future purchases. 😄

 Scarlett Rae's Premium captures the essence of what an X-rated Snap should be. To bring up Takeover accounts again- a couple of my favourite accounts, in the past, featured 24 hour takeovers from models where you could get some kind of gauge on a model's personality as well as their sexuality... and the best premium accounts always had that balance too. I feel like a clip/video based platform like OnlyFans or the many XXX Tube sites cater more to that solely sexual driven content, whereas Snap, for me, should be3 similar to what Ms Rae provides here.


I would like to see some collaborations, because it's always cool to see a model that is so in her element when she's solo, interact with others. I did join her account whilst still in the midst of this pandemic so that has probably been the reason for not seeing that aspect so far. I did just recently see the ending of a Premium story, where she was dancing nude with a female model. I'm not too sure if she would collab with a male model though, but that would be great to see.

Another testament to the fact that she is doing something right is the number of catfishes and scammers that use her content for their nefarious intentions. As mentioned above, she does her best in exposing the ones that come to her attention.


Scarlett posts everyday and also responds to DM’s. There are no ads or promo from other models, which is to be expected from a subscription package,

Follow her socials and get her Premium below, Also check out the incredible photos she takes here.

(May ’21)

'(On the issue of catfishing/scamming, check out the article I wrote in 2018 about avoiding scammers, HERE and also there's a new page, that lists both the scammers and scamming 'models', HERE)

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