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(Punk Princess) 

Scarlette Punk Princess


  • Pretty

  • Great ass


  • Quality of shows (shown during my membership)

  • Minimal interaction

💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys.

  • Boy/girl show

  • Nude pics


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Permitted (Dependant on package/membership option bought) ✅


When I first encountered Scarlette aka Punk Princess on a Premium takeover, she gave a polished, friendly and happy introduction before playing teasers of what to expect on her Premium. I obviously noticed how pretty she looked but it wasn't until I saw a part of the teaser where she showed her full slim-thick body from the back, showcasing that magnificent bum, did I got the urge to get her XXX snap.

I stayed on her public snap, watching her well rehearsed verification intros and some teasers for a couple of weeks before I asked about purchasing. She semi-frequently changes or rearranges her deals and bundle packages, but after clarifying with her what a certain Prremium package was about and her mentioning that she posts everyday, I ended up getting one that included a more interactive experience with a choice of 3 Group Premiums.

First Impressions

After accepting my payment and choosing the groups I wanted (i'll review them soon-ish) she added me to her account around 12+ hours later. I'm not sure if it was Scarlette or the admin in charge of the Group Premiums but I was added to those groups pretty quickly and there was also content already there for me to watch too.


On her account there was no content on there but later that day she posted a couple of light snaps, similar to the nude teasing that she already shows on her free Snap. The next time she posted was three or so day lays later, with a 'live' snap where she complained/shouted at a member who apparently complained about there not being any shows on the Premium. She mentioned something about working hard and decided to punish the member by withholding any snaps for the entire account- saying she won't be posting anything that day. Thinking that this was probably one of those occurrences where a member was being an idiot to a model who may have just taken a break from regular posting, I messaged her saying sorry for being made to feel like shit, to which she responded, "thanks babe"

Close to 48  hours later she posted a super short scene, where she pleasured herself and I briefly got to see see the ass which made me want to get her Premium in the first place. She ended with a request for tips. I complimented her on those blessed cheeks and she responded, "thanks babe"


A few other times, I wanted to further test this great level of interactivity and GF experience that she was promoting on her public snap, by sending messages to evoke more than just the two or three word responses I was getting- but no such luck. But that's fine- because at this stage at least she was responding and perhaps a higher priced tier/package would garner more dialogue. Plus, I've probably been spoilt over the years, from my experience of communicating with more engaging models.


Most of her shows are solo and most are very similar in nature. She likes to utilise a dildo as well as a clit simulator fucking herself but also riding while doing generic sex talk. She does however do this hot thing where she places the camera on the phone, looking over it with only her face and boobs in frame as she continues to ride the dildo. Giving a great point of view, that makes it look like she's on top of the viewer- looking down at you while she's riding you. For my time on her account so far, that has been the majority of the shows.

But there have been two shows which were great. 

One was the only Boy/Girl show that I've seen so far- and I actually watched it on one of the Group accounts not her personal one. The show had a good duration of around 6/7 mins, with the best moments being filmed by her co-star in the scene. He filmed the doggystyle action, trying to fit her sexy booty in the frame and also panning to show the rest of her body and boobs swaying as he banged. Was great to see her tush for a more considerable length of time from his POV. She also took control of the camera whilst on all fours, filming her pretty facial reactions- having to remain quiet while he was smashing. It was soon shot by him again as he filmed her giving a great BJ, then back to her for some quick missionary before he finished all over her chest.


My favourite show was when she played a Domme/brat type- which was a surprise as all I had seen of her was playing a submissive role which consists of her saying "daddy" a lot, Her playing this role seemed so much more believable and less of a stretch and came across as way more natural to her personality type. From what I remember the dialogue was great and her cheeks made a welcome appearance.

Some issues

As a way of a tip, and to further see how interactions with her go, I asked how much to purchase a copy of that Domme snap show. I say as a tip because my package didn't restrict me from 'saving' some of the story via sending DM's so I could've did that- but instead wanted to tip for what I considered her best show at that point. So after her stating the price, I sent the money through her chosen payment option. later telling her I had sent it. She replied that she was sending it now, I thanked her and waited... Around 24 hours later after not receiving anything, I asked if she was looking to send it in the Snap DM's or by email.... she read the message but didn't respond.

I took it as a possible mistake- maybe she read but got distracted, so the last message I sent was, "When you get a chance to send the vid, I want to request something else" . N.B. I wanted to ask how much it would be to make a compilation video or create a new video that just focused on her butt, 


After my last message, there was even more of a period of nothing on her Premium and her public Snap, plus my message was unread, so I assumed something was up... and that was partly confirmed when Scarlette reemerged, in a familiar way. She berated a member or members for again complaining about her absence. She mentioned about going through a very bad time- she didn't elaborate on the problem, which is obviously her prerogative. I then saw that the message was read but left unanswered.


I have however, been on and i'm still on Premiums where models are somewhat forthcoming about issues they may be facing or have went through as a way of explaining their upcoming or future absence. But I guess some people are not that way inclined or possible mental health issues may prevent them from communicating effectively, plus I also don't know what could have been said to her by that member/members. So that has and will be my last message to her, as I'm not really that interested in pursuing the video any more. 

I've always stated models need time off like anyone else and maybe I just joined at a difficult time where she needs a break- especially as I purchased her Snap during the relative height of the lockdown. Possibly this whole pandemic situation has affected her personally and as a result her general commitment to content and interactivity has taken a back seat.

Coming to think of it, just prior to this recent longer period of absence that I described,  she was filming content with Sasha Gibson to sell as a separate Dropbox package. I remember on a snap (posted on her public account) where Scarlette was driving Sasha back to the airport and she mentioned being sad that she was leaving. Looking back, I think that could've possibly been a genuine feeling and not the passing comment that I saw it as and could be a reflection of her feeling isolated during this time.

I obviously don't know her situation and I'm just trying to shoot her some bail which is hard with a lack of info. I don't think her Premium has always been like this because the best content that she posted, thus far, was filmed 4 or 5 months ago, plus she sort of confirmed this when she momentarily popped back on her public channel to apologise to the non-subscribers, reassuring them that she isn't normally absent for such long periods of time and that they can get to buying from her again.

I initially started this site because of a model continuing to promote and sell access to her Premium when she wasn't posting much or any content on the XXX account, so I hate to see that kind of behaviour. If she was solely promoting her Dropbox content and the stuff she filmed with Sasha, I wouldn't have minded. Obviously a model still has to make money but still offering a Premium Snap, in it's current state, is a slap in the face and something that I dislike.

Models rightfully always state and make countless analogies to the fact that they are running a business but for some models that analogy seems to only be for their benefit and that professionalism seems to depart as soon as they have made their sale. The hard work that they do seems to be solely directed in the promoting and selling of their product but not in the preservation of their existing customers, who if valued will be returning customers, some of them anyway. I mentioned a bunch of this here.

As I mentioned earlier she stated that she posts every day, not on the pricing sheet she sends when you ask about prices but specifically typed in the DM's. I didn't really believe or expect her to post every day, though. Most models don't as they need time off- at best some will just post re-runs on the days that they are off. I used a different account to ask about premium details again and how many days she posts, just to see if she would update the days she posts, due to the sporadic nature of her posting but the same response was given.

Wrapping up

I've been on Scarlette's Snap close to two months now and I definitely feel that shows with a focused roleplay theme and b/g scenes are where her content shines and she recently popped up on her public account again, to advertise her Premium as well as to inform viewers that she has found a a new filming partner, so fingers crossed that it comes to fruition.

Would've probably rated this an average Premium Snap, if it wasn't for the whole video thing but I look forward to updating this in a couple months with something more positive to say, if she's still posting. I think that due to various places lifting restrictions on the lockdown, her spirits might lift with it... possibly some outdoor content... possibly more content with a partner... and possibly, I'll get my damn video...🤞

(Jul '20)

UPDATE: Jun '21

Time flies... nearly a year since I wrote this and not much has changed. Arguably more promos than content now and still no video 🤣

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