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🇺🇸Three Tokes🇺🇸 

ThreeTokes Premium Snapchat


  • Gorgeous/Cute

  • Superb tush.

  • Cool/fun personality.

  • Good story length.

  • Responds to DM's.

  • Great interaction.

  • No upselling or premium ads.


  • ​None

💰Payment type: 

Subscription type.


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys.

  • Anal play.

  • Occasional B/G shows.

  • Some Bath/shower shows.

  • Toke breaks in the nude.

  • Naked exercising.

  • Light BDSM.

  • Cosplay/roleplay.

  • Foreign insertions.


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Permitted if additional 'Content Saving' package is bought ✅




I've talked about Snapchat models  making their own promo/takeover accounts to promote their goods and services here, and it was on one such account where I re-discovered the model for this write-up. During this takeover, the model finished showing what she has to offer on her own Premium account and then informed potential buyers that she is also part of a group premium, The Perfect Ten. She individually showed pictures of the models featured and to my surprise I saw the sexy 3Tokes amongst them.

About ThreeTokes

I first knew about 3Tokes in my first foray into using Snapchat, even before I used it primarily for XXX content. I followed a few early models/brand ambassadors (just before the term 'influencers' was properly coined) who were the faces behind companies such as Arsenic TV and others.  3 was the face for another such company Bossta Nation- a weed positive company that dealt with merch, music and a 420 lifestyle, with the mantra "The Strive To succeed, Under The Influence Of Marijuana". Later on a kind of separate division of the company called Bossta Beauty was more focused on the models affiliated with the main account. Models who were promoting XXX content or just doing takeovers to light up a bowl and smoke with the Bossta audience, were all welcome. Some models were more closely affiliated to the brand and would regularly do takeovers on Snap or later on Periscope- some I've even reviewed their premiums like Ashyy Rose or Bratty Bella.

A model who tragically passed away, Sophia Lucielle was also a pretty regular model who did takeovers and was also transitioning into predominately adult work too- I remember her showing behind the scenes footage of being on a Brazzers set. I actually think it was 3 Tokes who broke the news of her passing, on her Snap story.

Ms Tokes was one of the ladies that wasn't promoting anything sexual,  but would occasionally post innocently sexy snaps, I remember one time on a Periscope broadcast she did a SFW pose showing of her booty, the screenshot of which I still may have on my old phone.

She's always been hot, when Orange Is The New Black first came out, followers often commented on her resemblance to the character Alex Vause. She's also always had an ass and even though it seems she may have a lost a little bit more weight from the last time I saw her, those boner inducing cheeks have remained.

Her snap stories were always a mixture of fun and informative snaps where she would discuss the world of Cannabis, in terms of all it's positive applications and  uses and also talked about the dispensary that she either operated or owned. She also put me onto the world of Veganism, in a non-preachy way, sharing how she used to be a lot bigger than she was and how the change in diet, aided her weight loss.

So yeah nothing sexual was ever displayed, she sometimes had to remind everyone on her story that she doesn't offer a Premium,  not that she was against it but it wasn't something that she would be looking to do. I even remember her shouting out her friend, Amber Lee, who was selling XXX Snapchat so it wasn't something that she had any moral objection too.

Fastforward to early-May, and as I said in the opening paragraph, I re-discovered 3Tokes in a completely different light! I had to double and triple check that it was actually her and then went on a little discovery to see how long I've been out the loop on her new direction. Her public Snap account that I initially followed had changed (possibly deleted), I didn't know this because I rarely use that account anymore- so I looked her up on Instagram and clicked on the link in her bio, which took me to her website ( Her website has a store that sells her content including Premium Snapchat, with different options: monthly, a group premium, a 1 year (initially lifetime) and also a package that allows the buyer to save the content- otherwise saving of any form (snap saving with DM messages, screenshotting and screen recording) is not allowed.


I learnt that this re-brand officially happened right at the start of the year, so I wasn't out of the loop for too long. The monthly is $20 so I opted for that option, to see if 3's Premium will live up to my raised expectations from fantasies of years back.

I was added back pretty quickly, via her public account first, with a welcome message coupled with some short rules about screenshotting etc- and then a couple of minutes later I was added to her Premium account where a solo story was already uploaded showing Ms Tokes in all her glory.


Unsurprisingly, the  highlight shows for me have been those where her ass has it's own moment to shine.  A multi angled shower satisfied my ass fixation just enough by first starting with the viewer looking up to 3 showering and rubbing her body seductively, getting a rise out of me whenever she turned to the camera exposing her soap sudded cheeks that jiggled with the slightest of movements and full on rippled when she purposely started shaking it. Loved the bathroom light hitting her wet tush, highlighting the peachyness of it, especially from that angle. She then brought out the dildo for some oral fun, before switching angles again, for another of my favourite scenes in the show. She perched the camera and her suction cup dildo on the edge of the tub where she rode it from a side angle, so her viewers could appreciated the deceptive depth of her cheeks- they completely obscured the dildo (and balls) every time she fully sat on it. Whilst doing this, she grabbed the cheek closest to the camera to show some penetration, the other cheek still covering the other side of the dildo to the base, just reconfirming the blessed bum cheeks Ms Tokes has in her possession. That scene ended too quickly, switching to a couple of different angles before finishing with her finishing herself off inside the tub. As well as the hot content, I was impressed with the angles used in such a small confined space. Most shower shows I've seen are usually limited to a singular position.

3 speaking filthy is also a turn on for me, not only because I like her voice but mainly because of her previous onscreen persona before the adult work. It's like watching a sex tape from a celebrity with a squeaky clean image. The naughtiest thing back in the day that I heard from her was during a Periscope broadcast when  she mentioned getting "a bukkake of hearts" from her Periscope viewership (the hearts being the heart emojis that fly up the screen, initiated by the viewer as a way of appreciation during the live feed. Depending on where the host is sitting, it can look like they are getting sprayed with hearts)

Anyway, I mention the dirty talk because the next standout show to date, was one that started and was filled with the dirty talk throughout... but more importantly had more ass on display.

Almost all of her shows start with her smoking a quick bowl before proceeding with the proceedings and after blowing out her final bong rip, she told the viewers she wanted to drain them. Then came the slow striptease with bum to camera to reveal just her sexy cheeks that she grabbed by the handful, spread it and lightly spanked it. She then started bouncing up and down so that her cheeks would start slapping on the soles of her feet, and Tokes would throw in some flicks to make her already jiggling booty, jiggle some more. Some twerking and shaking was also done throughout.

She then performed some sexy oral on the dildo  but brought it right back for the ass lovers with her now riding the dildo with her back to the cam. Again her cheeks enveloped the dildo, it only didn't when she slightly changed the angle a few snaps later and brought her feet close together, preventing full penetration- positioning herself in a similar way to what she did earlier, when she bounced on her feet. She then rode it facing the camera but her cheeks were still visible from the front, not letting up on the filthy talk.


It wasn't until I joined did I realise that she also has a partner whom she films with, so that was definitely an added bonus as I love to see boy/girl content in my snap shows, if it's possible. He is also a performer who goes by the name of,  BigCueTres who I think is also a relative newcomer to adult content creating. They had a light BDSM show with Tokes being tied up while getting spanked and then banged. I love couple shows on a premium and this show was good, I just found it a bit too porn studio-esque for my taste as I'm much more into the amateur/natural aesthetics.Only seen one b/g show so far, so hopefully there's more to come.

Premium Tokes

Before her entry into providing XXX snaps, 3 was always very interactive and responsive to her followers (or her "nuggets"), answering cannabis related queries or even just responding to people responding to her stories and this has carried on to her Premium. The way she interacted with fans helped shape the type of engagement I generally expect, or at least hope for, if I purchase a Premium Snap account. I know I always like to reiterate my point on what makes Snapchat a better platform for adult content than others, but for me it's still because of that intimacy that is fostered with the right model... and 3Tokes is and always has been that way inclined. Always loved her chill but smart demeanour, her catchphrase of, "Don't sweat the petty things, pet the sweaty things", kinda does a good job of describing her laid back persona.


DM's are always answered both on her Premium account and via her public account- so if its something urgent you can always get her there.

I like to sometimes test the level of a model's interactivity (obviously depending if the package I'bought includes it) and so during a snap show that I managed to catch while she was filming live, I made a little request which she performed on her story within a couple of minutes, even replying back in the DM's that she had did it. She also mentioned that she accepts and wants to see tributes and dick pics from her members.

Would be great if she could also add more everyday life snaps or Q&A's, in a similar way that she did prior to becoming a Premium Model but there is some of that on her free account and would probably have to be something that the majority of Premium members would want to see. Plus, because of the current lockdown, she is probably prevented from being as active outside, so those type of posts would be currently limited.

On the page to purchase her Premium, she listed what to look forward to on her premium and she has pretty much been true to her word- including at least 3 'live' shows a week and a Throwback Thursday upload but also daily sexy snaps in between- basically meaning in a 24hr story cycle, her Snap story is never empty. Her stated duration has also been accurate too, with most shows being around the 10+ minute mark, sometimes keeping in any bloopers- she once damaged her dildo from riding it too hard and on another show she accidentally drooled during an intense orgasm. I always dig the real and candid elements in Snap shows and I like that she keeps stuff like that in.

There are no ads for other Premiums or Premium models performing takeovers on her Snapchat, which is as I would expect for a subscription based Premium account. If her Premium was sold as a one off fee for a 'lifetime'/a considerable length of time, I'd expect the model to supplement her snap income by selling ads to other models. 

For those who have been fans of 3Tokes but are unaware of her recent move to the world of adult content creating, this will be a pleasant surprise or even a chance to finally see a fantasy realised. If this is your first time discovering her, you will find a great Premium Snapchat model who is as personable and interactive as she is sexy. 

(May '20)

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