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🇺🇸Venus O' Rickmon🇺🇸

(Harlot Quinn)

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  • Curvy Amazonian figure.

  • Great ass.

  • Cute.


  • ​None

💰Payment type: 

One off payment.


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Some solo play, with or without toys.

  • Occasional B/G shows.

  • Some Bath/shower shows.

  • Nude selfies/Ass cheeks play


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Permitted (if face is not on display) ✅



Nikki (a.k.a. VenusofRichmond or Bornfromblood  sometimes Harlot Quinn) is another model I discovered on Instagram, probably via a shout out from one of the plethora of pages dedicated to big booty women. So I added her account, with the obvious attraction being her ample backside which as well as being big, more importantly has a great shape to it. In fact her entire physique is special, with a tight waist and big thighs all contributing to her shapely body. Nikki shows hers off in selfies, professionally shot pictures and in also offering a Premium Snapchat.  

I enquired as to what would be on her snapchat- "I post everyday, multiple times. I post nudes, masturbation, sexual encounters and anything I want basically. Screen shots allowed as long as my face isn't visible, no dick pics unless I ask, and no refunds."- she also included the price and ways to pay.  

She quickly added me after payment and was surprised to receive, in my DM, a little welcome message coupled with video clips of previous snaps including some hot BJ and doggystyle shots with a guy and some solo ones, showing off her incredible body in the nude. They came with instructions that I could save them in the snap inbox but not to the phone. The clips were pretty good and I hoped that her premium stories would be of a similar level. 

I feel like it wouldn't be accurate to review her account in the regular premium snapchat model category as her premium seems, to me, to be presented as just a little something extra for fans of her Instagram pictures- a more intimate behind the scenes look at her life and also as a way to show off the more XXX side of herself. I say this because she doesn't really promote the sale of her snapchat in the usual ways that models who are dedicated in using the platform to sell and showcase adult content, usually do. She occasionally will post about it in her Instagram stories but doesn't have anything mentioning it on her main page or individual posts.  

I also think that the assessment is correct case because of her posted snap content. Since I've joined, Nikki stories haven't been of any considerable length and can be a myriad of different things. Most models who are full time adult content creators, tend to have more 'scripted' or planned shows, sometimes even telling you in advance what type of show they'll be doing. Normally these shows will be a succession of snaps (live or prerecorded) with a good duration as opposed to Nikki's, which are oftentimes random snaps- e.g. sitting lying on the bed exposing her boobs for one snap and then the next will be of her hugging one of her pets. Her 'full' shows' will more likely be snapshots from something that will probably be continued in length and completion, off camera.

I think in the early days of me joining, she once displayed prices for members wanting to buy videos. So that could be a reason for her style of snapping- but more likely the reasons I gave initially. (Haven't seen the video price list displayed since.)


Her snapping content in general has consisted of:

- Stripping and general moments of nudity-

This is probably the aspect most shown on her premium. She will often pull up her top revealing her boobs or get her tush out. I love it when she shows of her body in the bathroom, where the light is great and illuminates her gorgeous body.

- Showers-

Around the first week of joining she posted a couple snaps of her lathering up in the shower followed by longer snaps of her moisturising her sexy body, often blessing the screen with her blessed cheeks. Jiggling them and pulling them apart to reveal her booty hole.  

- Solo play-

A couple of her stories have included her playing with a dildo.

- B/G snaps-

Apart from the clips she provided when I joined, I think there has been two other times where I'd seen her fooling with a guy. Some decent footage, filmed by the guy, of her in doggystyle position one day and the following day her going down on him. With her encounters she seems to come across as more submissive, I remember a moment of him asking her something and after nodding he said good girl. She also later put up a picture snap of her gushing, with a caption implying that she loves him calling her "little lady". On some stories she has alluded that she has been with a guy but didn't film it. This goes back to my initial point of this more being a thing that she shares in moments, rather than as something members have to always see, in its entirety. 

In terms of replying to messages and things of that nature, she doesn't seem to really do that, at least not with me. Compliments and innocuous questions about her pets were all unanswered. But she didn't state that she would reply to DM's on her list of premium ‘Do's’, so it's all good.

If you get Nikki's premium don't expect it to be like others you may have experienced with more planned and longer XXX shows. It's different from the reasons I tried to explain above and like she said initially, she will snap "anything I want basically". However, it would be great to see, one time, a complete show, especially when she's with a guy. She posts something most days, excluding days when she's sick or it’s her time of the month. It's a great example of one of those premiums that works better as an accompaniment with her public account. You won't get to really know her through her snapchat but will a bit more through her Instagram as she generally posts more there.


(Jul '18)

UPDATE: Mar '20

I think at some point, for fears of her snap account being deleted, Nikki mentioned that she would create a private Twitter account where all of her premium users would be added to. For the type of Premium Snapchat that she offers, essentially a series of sexy clips, this is good because the clips, videos and pics can now have repeated viewing. People not originally on her premium will have to pay a one off fee to get on that account. She offers an OnlyFans subscription account too. She still posts on Snapchat  intermittently, sometimes echoing the same sexy image or clip posted on Twitter, other times just her cute  smile and boobs gracing our phone screens.

UPDATE: Dec '20

Great year of snapping. As a reader pointed out in a submitted review, since moving and her living situation improved, Venus' posting has been super great. Her duality of being an Amazonian-like Goddess coupled with being so cute that it's disgusting, is unmatched. In one snap she could request for followers to send her cute kitten memes or clips, when she's feeling down, but in another snap request payment for pizza. There's also been more snaps of boy/girl interactions, with a lucky guy having his face in her ass and kitty while she sucked him off, in the cute way she does. Plus, her classic, tried and true snaps of her abundant cheeks creating standing ovations will always be a crowd fav.

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