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Why Onlyfans is Overrated & FanCentro Is Underrated

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Written Jun 2021 -The Premium Reviewer


This writeup will probably be added to, The Future of Snapchat thread I have been updating for a few years, but I will keep as a separate piece for now.


As a buyer of adult content, primarily using platforms like ManyVids, subscribed direct to model’s sites via ModelCentro, Fancentro etc, I was never really impressed with OnlyFans. I first became aware of the platform in 2018, when a model opted to use that platform solely to sell her content...I think she was planning to sell access to her premium Snapchat through there too. I never ended up getting the Snap but stuck around for a couple of months on OF, looking to see what this platform was about. 

At that time, OnlyFans was especially buggy on phones but workable on PC's and the general design of it wasn't great. After I ended my subscription with that model, I didn’t use the platform again until a couple years later, when the company had a new uptake in models and subscribers, partly due to the pandemic.


When I logged back in, I saw that the look of it had improved slightly but was still buggy.

During the resurgence of OnlyFans, as well as in increase in traffic, there has also been an increase in controversies surrounding it, including OF-

  • changing referral payouts from lifetime to only a year

  • changing pay structure and payouts

  • tax problems 

  • happily accepting models to the platform but never publicly acknowledging or promoting them. 


I touched on a few of these points in the article I mentioned above, and as I'm writing this I just read news that OnlyFans may potentially be looking to move away from adult content and keep it vanilla, (link here).

Most could’ve guessed this was going to happen, especially models, who have been recently vocal about-

  • OF's lack of good customer service,

  • having their accounts deleted for no reason with earned funds being held,

  • payments taking longer to process,

  • new registrations from adult creators, seemingly being made intentionally harder, with more rejections, etc.


This shift from adult work could be due to the problems with financial companies not wanting to be a part of selling adult content and the decision could've been expedited when Pornhub made news after losing it's ability to process payments, with the major companies. But I feel like it was always the play- if you look at their past history of switching or changing, see above. 


Models have forever talked about adult content being normalised and respected but gave power and traffic to a site that never really supported them as a whole, minus the few celebrities and/or higher earning individuals.

Some models were complaining about the platform but others, understandably continued to use it, due to the traffic and attention it has- hoping it would get them paid during a time of increased financial difficulty for some.


Platforms created solely for adult content creators weren't promoted by models as much, if at all. A site like FanCentro, pretty much provides everything that OF offers, in terms of platform functionality but has great customer service for both models and consumers. I've also witnessed them regularly promote random models on their socials and engage with them, plus they champion sex work in general, (one example of them doing so in 2018, here). In a recent review of Dani Daniels' premium Snapchat, I mentioned my experience in getting her account with the help of FanCentro's customer service. 

There's a reason that FC banners are all around this site- they are a company that I use personally, I am more likely to get a premium Snap from a model if she is on there. If any problems arise- such as an inactive or deleted account, I am confident that they will sort it out, as has been the case.

It’s not only limited to selling access to Snap or other social media accounts though, they also have a membership type set up, where a model can post content on FC to be viewed. Individual clips can also be bought and direct contact with the model is available. It's been used by both amateur models and stars like Lana Rhoades and Riley Reed.


Some points on why I like FanCentro:


  • Best customer service I've ever encountered, for creator and customer.

  • Payouts happen when they are supposed to happen.

  • Site looks great.

  • Always improving their site.

  • Actively promotes models, on Twitter, IG etc

  • Incentivised purchases- they have these quests and targets which earn points which leads to free content and more privileges.

  • Mobile friendly.

  • Doesn't restrict models from posting outside links, including that of 'competitors'


I don't know if the switch to non adult content is gonna be a thing but it will be interesting to see if premium Snaps makes a return (it's never really left) or if models migrate to the copycat OnlyFans sites that came about recently. I've actually started to see premiums being promoted more again, so we'll see…


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