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Continuing on from my exhibitionist review of Celebrity Guest Tape comes more exhibitionism but from the arguably more risqué side of exhibitionism... flashing. 

I started seeing delivery flash videos when tubesites really started taking off and one video in particular was a masterpiece that I have often revisited and recently re-watched just for this review. I don’t think she is still active anymore, as what often seems to happen is these great content makers seem to vanish as quickly as they came. I saw one video from this girl and for the longest time thought that it was the only one but I later found more of them - she seemingly made something like a mini series with this one delivery guy, with him coming (and cumming) around 4/5 times to her apartment.

I’m not sure of her name but she called herself Ashley/Asleigh when the delivery guy eventually asked her name, in one of the later videos in the series. She followed a set formula of upping the ante to get the delivery guy comfortable - first asking him to take a nude picture of her from a bet she lost, then asking if he wanted to touch her and then reciprocating by blowing him to completion. I loved the interaction and dialogue - even in the midst of showing her body and eventually giving him head, she displayed an assuredness and confidence in still establishing some boundaries. And from his side, it was great watching his often muted disbelief, excitement and ‘I can’t believe this is really happening’ type reaction. There was also another video, with a different driver but she didn’t get as far with him as she did the main guy. He took some pics but repeatedly declined the invitation to do more, but even those type of instances are great to watch, for me.


I’m unsure at what date the videos were actually made but from the quality of the video, I would guess very early 2000’s. I bring up Ashley’s video because, for me, it’s a great barometer of a great flashing video and I also bring it up because in revisiting her videos I noticed that the recipient of this review had their logo in the video. I didn’t watch the video from their site but from a popular tubesite and I never wanted to visit the advertised site, just in case it was one of those spammy sites who’s whole business model is to get videos, put their site logo on it to get traffic… and in the process fuck up your computer with spyware and viruses.


Fast-forward and my love of flashing has never really stopped and on Twitter I came across an account focussed on pizza delivery flashing. I thought it may be just one of those random accounts, with some dude posting random flashing videos but I also saw that a website was in their bio. I assumed it was one of those free tubesites that only cater to a specific niche but after navigating around the site I found that to be only partly true.

As the name of the site suggest, has a lot of videos showing real women flashing pizza delivery guys and sometimes offering more to the lucky dude. It’s not only delivery guys receiving blessings, these models also take their exhibitionism to the public streets-  lorry drivers, random guys they pull up to ask for directions, as well as the public nude walks and public sex, including some gloryhole scenes.

This current site started around 2011 but the brand/concept may have been started in 2010. I just semi recently discovered this site, so I’m unsure if they’ve always been a membership site from their inception or they transitioned into it, because they also have a portion of the site where you can watch some videos for free. 

The Site 

The membership only videos, fall under 3 main sections:


  • Our Video - NPD produces content of their own, filmed by various models. I presume they pay these models to produce the content themselves for the site. These are mainly delivery/visits to current abode type videos (pizza/food delivery, workmen, hotel room service)

  • Your Videos - These videos seem to also be produced by NPD because they have similar graphic titles in the beginning of the video, like the ones in ‘Our Video’. Or maybe their logo is shown as a way of saying it has the site’s stamp of approval because under the Your Videos title it has the caption, ‘Only videos that have what it takes’. The videos here are mainly public exhibitionism and public sex.

  • Video Contest- The videos in these section seem to be submitted by independent models and are again predominantly delivery type exhibitionism… and any extra stuff that may occur from the flash. These submitted videos win money prizes based on the ratings from the registered viewers. All the recent videos have links to the models’ Twitter and membership sites, so the model also gets the promotion as well as the chance to win some money.

For people wanting to subscribe to the site, each of the above sections almost act as a tier system in that each one is individually priced. Or you can get bundles of two or three for a discounted price.


For the free videos, the site hosts videos from the web and has them under different categories that you will see on the front page of the site.


Navigation is easy, and search function seems to be good too. Most titles have the name of the model in the title and when you use their name in the search function, all the videos that they feature in, will come up, including the sections. Also, some of the videos have links to other videos that a model has or link to part 1 of a video.



The main type of content and the content most promoted is the delivery style of content, from pizza delivery guys to room service guys getting flashed. The selling point is that these recordings are documenting the real interactions and reactions of the person getting flashed and to an extent the flasher too - because they too may have to react on the fly.

There are many who post fake flashing content online, some being good enough to fool new or casual viewers, but those familiar with the content can always tell the difference because of the way they react, body positioning and behaviour of the flashees and the flashers, that are absent in the fake ones. Simply blurring the face or stating that it’s a real flash in the title, doesn’t make it real. 

Since the early videos, NPD have tried to make something that has their own unique style, with the way they open up the videos with their graphic title being designed in a way that matches their site/company logo etc to the percussive instrumental music played in the intro to the vids. The models who they employ to shoot the videos on their behalf also seem to have been instructed on how to do it, in terms of filming the intros in a way that gives the viewer a brief lay of the land or the camera(s) set up, and also a look at the sexy bodies that these delivery guys are going to witness in real time, in the not too distant future. Sometimes the model will be talking throughout the waiting period, explaining how they’re going to do it or they are silent and instead just do a walk through, demonstrating how it’s likely to go down. In some instances the model also plays with herself before the guest arrives. This is the only part of the video that can be deemed as 'fake’ because as soon as the driver rings the bell the camera is no longer acknowledged and the real interactions begin.

Earlier videos sometimes had long build ups, showing the delays in them arriving, or them calling because they couldn’t find the address. I personally think those type of things are great and I feel it was probably intentionally edited this way, in an effort to prove the authenticity of the videos, which I can appreciate. Newer videos don’t do this as much, more often it just jumps straight into the action. Probably in part due to todays ADD having people wanting to see the action straight 'away but also probably because they've already laid the groundwork in showing that this is all almost definitely legitimate.

In premium snaps I’ve talked about loving seeing bloopers or real moments of mistakes left in the models shows. NPD also does a similar thing in still putting out the moments where models fail to get a horny reaction from the delivery guys and they instead choose to leave quickly, which also adds to the authenticity. As one video commentator put it, “not every situation will turn out perfectly all the time… it’s always unpredictable and will always depend on the delivery guy”


The reactions

These can fall into different camps:

  • The guy who just sees it as a little fun and something that has potentially brightened up his day but doesn’t really interact, other than to smile and say thanks

  • The guy who is more game and respectfully requests to touch- oftentimes permission is granted

  • The guy who is very game and welcomes the invitation from certain models

  • When the guy is not at all interested, for a myriad of reasons - not being sexually attracted, possibly may feel it is too good to be true and probably a set up, already has a partner,  is very polite/shy, has a tight delivery schedule,  or has seen the camera.


Then are those rare times where the video can take a creepy turn when a guy is a bit too eager for something more to happen (video example ‘Towel Sushi Delivery’) - and for a lot of models/performers, this would be the reason they wouldn’t even remotely consider doing this… and for understandable reasons - there are obvious potential risks that could occur. 

 But in most of the videos that I’ve seen, the woman’s partner or friends are oftentimes always in the background in another room, so any risk is significantly decreased. Plus, delivery guys are used for a reason, they are employed by someone, so can be easily traced. A few of the models seem to be ‘Hotwives’ whose partner loves to see them get with other people, so they will be happily watching the unfolding in the shadows, for their own pleasure but also for the added security.


 I also enjoy seeing the reactions from the models themselves when they get a great interaction, some of them are ecstatic and some have shared feelings of the encounter turning them on and some have talked of a huge adrenalin rush. On the other side, it’s also interesting when guys don’t look at or acknowledge them. It ranges from the girl laughing it off to some some being slightly annoyed because they may look at it as a waste of recording time or they seem to feel rejected by the lack of attention.


Even though the genre and this site caters to flashing men, I look forward to the rare instances when the delivery person that turns up is a woman. I like the reaction that it sometimes brings out in the flasher when they find out it's not a man. Some act in the same way as if it was a man, while some seemingly get flustered or slightly embarrassed and tend to end the interaction prematurely.

Favourite flashers

Throughout the years of uploads, some of the flashers have provided content a bunch of times for the site, with some of the models being very popular amongst the members, either due to their look, their particular style of flashing or both - the more daring or brave models are often being very liked.

There are a good amount of models that I like but here are a few:

Kimberley, in the 4 videos posted, she always had huge enthusiasm and energy that started from her intros continuing  to the very end of the video.


Annalee (2013 era) is one of my personal favs, her energy is perfect but I also I love the way she shoots and attempts to get the guy to stay as long as she can. Body is also incredible


Jade only had one video posted one video around 2015, but it was very sexy and she is very sexy. 

Antonella is a goddess with an incredible ass. She has around 11 videos on the site, some collabs with her partner in crime, Dulce, where they do duo delivery flashes. She has a couple of solo ones but some of the more exciting ones are the public ones where as well as flashing she also, literally, gets more handsy - jacking off willing participants and allowing them to grope her naked body too, with a cameraman filming all the action.

A lot of the newer vids seem to be made by women who I think reside in Mexico or at least somewhere where Spanish is the main language. Looking back at earlier videos there was more uploads from models who were American or maybe Canadian. I don’t have a problem with it (apart from one aspect that I’ll talk about later) as the women are smoking hot and often provide some of the more flirtatious and daring content. 


There’s a couple of possible reasons for their content being more prevalent:

  • The site owners possibly being Spanish speaking themselves - so precuring content would be easier and also possibly more cost affective

  • The lockdown restricted people being in contact. You may say that because it was a time where everyone was receiving deliveries, it would've been the perfect time for models to make this type of content- but there was also a distance rule enforced during that time, and most delivery people would have left it on your doorstep and gone. However, if I’m not mistaken, in Mexico they didn’t have the strictest of lockdown procedures, if any at all.

  • I’ve recently seen a bunch of flashing and public sex content from independent models who are Mexicans. So again this type of content might be easier to come across, from the models in this country.

  • Most of these models tend to be more daring and forward, so maybe the site wanted more content like that

  • Possible western backlash about the ethics in flashing (mentioned more later) 

Free Vids

Like I touched on earlier,  not only do they make their content, they have also scrapped the web for other similar content, from tubesites - as they put it “We do not own or produce the videos displayed on the free area of the website. All of these videos are hosted by other websites”. They also have snippets or shortened versions of the paid content also in the free section, with a link to subscribe to see the full version.


Part of what makes the flash exciting, aside from the exhibitionistic/voyeuristic aspect is definitely the conversations too, and due to faces understandably being obscured, including sometimes the models’ faces, a part of the interaction is inevitably lost when you can’t see facial reactions.

Like I mentioned previously, the earlier videos seemed to feature more English speaking models whereas with more recent videos the majority of the models featured on the site are from non English speaking countries, which wouldn’t be a problem if not for the lack of subtitling. Sometimes the model will engage in conversation and it would help to understand what is being discussed, regardless if it’s just small talk. On one video after the guy left, a model managed to keep the guy there for a long time, with a lot of talking. Reading what she said would’ve been a great addition as dialogue can be another layer of enjoyment if the model has a good gift of gab.

On some videos they do put a brief synopsis of what is being discussed as they are talking or have subtitles that summarise what they feel are the main points of the conversation. Recent videos have also started making a point of trying to add some subtitling at specific parts in the video where they feel it’s needed - so it’s not placed all the way through. It is understandable though, as it would probably require even more editing and I don’t know how many people run or operate the site, to take on that extra work. 

Another minor issue, that is probably just a me issue, is that the more recent videos keep stopping and starting as it continues to buffer. Like I said, it’s probably just a me issue due to my internet connection not being fast enough but it would be cool if their video player was similar to modern players that have an option, in the settings, to reduce the resolution (360p, 480p etc)


For those who enjoy flashing and sexy exhibitionist content, a site like this is great. They’ve managed to curate a hub that caters to this niche perfectly, from having the exclusive content but also in providing a place to view similar, on brand content that may be sprawled over the web. This is great for consumers but is also smart business wise, in the same way that having a contest section serves the consumer and the site, as they will get more content for the site and it also allows independent models to promote their own sites too.


They also seem to listen to their subscribers via a comment section at the bottom of all videos, that are moderated. In the past I’ve seen them respond to comments regarding playback and even sound quality issues on videos and more recently, they have seemingly listened to feedback regarding the subtitling, that I mentioned above.


Like I talked about earlier in this writeup, not all models would shoot this type of content, at least not authentically... as some do shoot staged ones with their partner or someone they know. But some models have a super strong desire for real exhibitionism and for sharing it with the world. 

 I even talked to a woman on reddit who often posts her own exhibitionist videos in the forum just for fun, even accepting dares from her followers to complete and post, and she explained that it “feels incredibly empowering to share it so openly” and that she “has too much fun posting [on the forum]”. And I often see that same level of passion expressed or shown by the flashers and exhibitionist on NPD.


The ‘Your Videos’ and ‘Video Contest’ sections seems to be the most populated section and also seems to be the ones that are posted to more frequently. The ‘Our Videos’ section - the one with the delivery style content- is less frequently updated. But if you’re new to the site, that section has such a backlog of content that it’s totally worth subscribing to. The authenticity of the videos in ‘Your Videos’ and ‘Our Videos’ I feel is real, whereas the contest section doesn’t seem to be as strictly adhered to. I’ve seen some videos which appeared to not be real and my suspicions were confirmed when other members also commented on that fact, but NPD didn’t try to delete those comments as I don’t think that is necessarily a requirement for submission. They just want something that fits the flashing theme. But there are still real videos there and those are the ones that often win.

Sometimes online, there is a very vocal minority who decry and moan about the double standard that women have when it comes to exhibitionism like this. I understand there is a double standard and I’m totally fine with it. I’m not one of these people who think that everything should be equal in every facet of life and this is definitely one of those instances where the double standard is understandable, for obvious reasons. I’m just grateful for the models who have the genuine passion to do this and share it with the consumers of this fetish… and also thankful for a site like NakedPizzaDelivery curating and catering to this specific niche. I should've went to the site when I first saw the logo on Ashley's video, way back then.



 (May '22)

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