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  • Cute

  • Artistic

  • Sexy Ass

  • Personality/Sense of humour

  • Boy-Girl content

  • Has pubes

  • Good with DM's



⭐Standout aspect of premium snap: 

Artistic flair & Boy-Girl snaps


💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play/foreign insertion

  • Girl-Boy play

  • Bath snaps

  • Role play/cosplay

  • Ass play

  • Nude dancing/stripping

  • Nude performance art


📷Screenshots/save to DMs:

Allowed on the higher tiers




Some of the people who submit reviews to the site have great tastes. Some of the models submitted, I didn’t know of initially but then became aware of. Some I've already reviewed, and some I was already aware of and were on my list of future purchases. 

Pumpkin was the latter, having been blessed with some of her shows on a group premium and seeing her speak and gauging her personality on her public snap account, she was someone who’s premium I wanted to get at some point. 


When I first contemplated buying her premium, I had a backlog of stuff to write and I also remember she was going through some personal issues, I think a breakup was part of that too. So I held off from getting it, instead choosing to get some premade vids from her and continued watching the great solo shows she posted on the group. A while later a submitted review mentioned content that they bought from a model I was familiar with… Pumpkin. They submitted a review of her content that was pretty much accurate of my experience... and fast forward to another recent submission, this time of her premium snap, I knew it was time to get it.

Pumpkin Network

Her preview/public account sometimes has the feel of one of those indie TV stations. She fills her story with previews of upcoming attractions and these cool bumps that remind me of old Adult Swim ad bumps with witty captions over quirky imagery. She routinely plays a longer preview that I often rewatch because of how beautifully it’s edited and how hot the censored scenes are.


Pumpkin in general is very quirky. Oftentimes she phrases or writes captions, or responds to DM’s in a way that almost reads like old English, sometimes with intentionally wrong or alternative spellings of words. Even in something that most would not think necessary to add a creative flair to, she will manage to do it, For example, even her Dropbox titles are worded/spaced in a way that almost seems like she managed to write it in a different font.


One of the other ways she expresses her creativity is the moments of dancing. In a review of Scarlett's premium, I wrote about her dancing and it being almost burlesque and performative in nature. Pumpkin's is more naturalistic and spontaneous, even though it looks like she has had some sort of dance training because you can see the technical ability in the moves. So far I’ve seen her incorporate elements of ballet, body locking/hip-hop style and also freestyle moves that remind me of early Kate Bush. Another artistic expression comes from these mini performances she puts on, with a device called an orbit flow toy, where she will move it around creating patterns with the lights attached to the device. In one snap story she uploaded a stylised and well produced video where she demonstrated its use. (You can check it out here)

Pumpkin’s Patch

Pumpkin's premium account wavers between being an explicit art installation and, again, a TV station but this time her ad bumps are the live and explicit seconds of video snaps that she shares - sometimes a flash at her place of work or snapping mid fuck, as she’s riding her partner. Oftentimes, this is again accompanied with a caption attached or a link to backup snap accounts. These short live segments are often the bookends to the full, pre-recorded shows, making a 24 hour story very lengthy


The art installation aspect is probably more shown through the full shows she uploads.  They always begin and end with high quality pictures of the show. The way it’s shot, often makes it look like something that’s not just porn but could be in an NSFW art museum. Even if most of the general themes represented are not necessarily out of the box (self play, boy girl play, girl girl play, cosplay) the way she presents it is. From the camera quality and positioning, to the costumes, design and dialogue. I love the animated title slides that she puts before these main shows, where as well as the title of the show, she also lists some of what to expect in the show- and again its almost always done in her quirky way.


For example, in a show that most would correctly just state as a regular bath show, Pumpkin called it, ‘Yin Yang’ - with some of the aspects listed as, ‘splash splash groovin’ and ‘giggling and jiggling’. Not all aspects or specific fetishes in her shows are listed, some are left for you to discover, and in the long length of these shows (20+ mins), there are sometimes a lot of stuff that you’ll see. In this particular show, there was even a well edited ‘magic trick’ that if you blink or skip through the story, you’d miss it - where she made a couple of bath bombs appear in her hands outta nowhere, before sexily rubbing it all over her body.


There was another of these type of shows that continued with an arty feel, being more like a short indie film - with an acoustic singer-songwriter soundtrack playing in the background and the use of subtitles. 

A good deal of her roleplay shows have elements of the fantastical (fairies, elves etc) and mystical elements -  like in this same show. At one point, she had a crystal, attached to a chain which dangled and swayed hypnotically from her toe, while her legs were in the air as she pleasured herself with a dildo in her ass. She mentioned this aspect of the show in the title card, calling it ‘hypnotic energy’.

Pumpkin always manages to remain in character for the dialogue in these roleplays , which is impressive because I would assume that it would be a difficult thing to maintain all the way through, especially when it’s all imagined fantasy. In this same show, she played the role of a garden gnome who seduces a guy/the viewer, and after squirting from playing with herself in the closing act, she seductively boasted of being the only gnome who was, “self-sufficient in watering your plants”.

In a different show, the title card listed this dialogue style that I’m describing as, ‘dirty talking with lore’, a term that I’m sure she coined her self.



To all the horny folks just interested in the XXX goods, don't worry it's not just artsy content. Pumpkin is sexy and cute as fuck - and outside of the creative aspect, the strictly adult portion of her content is equally great. In almost every solo show she makes use of both holes with an equal amount of time dedicated to servicing both. The shows almost always end with Pumpkin providing a money shot, sometimes almost projectile squirting and other times it just flows in a cascade out of her. I love watching her climaxing and seeing the pussy contractions that come as a result, sometimes continuing for a few moments after stopping.

Her gym booty is a marvellous sight to behold in any position - standing, bent over, but especially when she positions herself in a pole dancer-esque kneeling position, flexing her glutes close to the camera, to really highlight it's incredible shape. Pumpkin is head to toe flawless. 


There was a recent full length solo show, ‘Splitroast’, that is probably the best introduction to Pumpkin, if you’re not used to quirky/artistic led porn. It still displayed the stuff that makes her unique but was shot in a way that was more homely and less theatrical, in terms of the usage of backdrops and costumes. Even the aspects of the show that she lists in the title, read more conventionally: - ‘dancing, booty shaking, giggling, teasing, spit play, anal, sloppy, gagging’. All normal terms, but she still had to inject a Pumpkinism, with an aspect of the show that she remixed into now being called, ‘roasting the split’.


The show had moments of showing her freestyled dancing and at the end she danced some more, with the help of the two dildos that assisted her in earlier on. She kept with her brand of putting on a slow paced and lengthy show too. Almost all of Pumpkin’s main shows have this long form of pace, but none of it is filler or used as a way for her to just state or bill it as a 20 mins+ show, every second has been intentionally left in. The fact that there are visibal cuts/transitions in it means she has watched it through and removed anything that could be potentially filler- something that’s probably even more necessary in a day where everything is catered to people’s short attention spans.

Like I touched on earlier, there is a finite number of sex acts that can be displayed so the difference is in how you do it, and she made the spit roast portion of the show look sexy as fuck - from the positioning of the dildos, the positioning of her body between the dildos, to the way she looked backing into one, while sucking on the other. All the other aspects proceeding the eventual spit roast, all helped in building anticipation. At one point, she positioned herself to receive both before stopping and giggling when she realised that one dildo was hitting the butt plug that she forgot about. So she got up to remove it, ass facing cam, and then slowly went back to reposition herself, after first licking the butt plug.

I love shows, like this one, where she is standing with her entire body on display. She is the perfect mix of athletic and thick, her thighs evoke a need to bite them and her ass… I’ve already talked about enough but will probably bring up again.


She also has mini shows that are also more rooted in real life. I don’t even really like to call them ‘shows’ because they’re different from the actual main shows, in that these seem to be very in the moment, like she just happened to pick up the phone in the middle of fooling around to start recording, capturing un-edited and raw snaps.This can also come in the form of naked yoga, which is always a treat when she posts it, especially if her ass is facing the camera. I also look forward to the regular nude moments of her changing out of clothes, mirror posing, ass displaying, training or just smoking a bong/joint. Then there are the boy-girl shows…


Pumpkin Squash

My absolute favourite content is when Pumpkin is with her partner, I love their interaction and the synergy they have with each other, even outside of the sex. They seem inseparable, with clips of them goofing around together and just enjoying each others company at malls or even going hiking at picturesque locations.


I don't think her guy's name has ever been mentioned, so just for this review and to have his name relate to Pumpkin, I'll just call him Squash. 


I’ve often wrote about (more recently here) my love of when a model’s partner shares the same interest as me, because the watching experience is doubly enjoyed because I can relate to the actions or moves made by them. The main interest I’m obviously talking about is the love of derrière... and in almost every interaction, Squash has his hands on her booty - squeezing, spanking, eating, plugging and spreading it. He might not even share the same obsession of booty that I do, and it might be just because her ass is so beautifully peachy that he is overly drawn to it - but either way I’m so glad for all the moments I can satiate my desires for Pumpkin’s bum, through him. I’ll list some of the times I remember now.


A couple minutes of snaps in their bathroom, where she stood while he was on his knees eating her from the back.

A similar but waaay better angled moment of him clearly eating her ass and kissing her cheeks. The camera was  positioned beautifully directly under her, while she was, again, standing up. I don’t even know how many times I replayed that snap. It was insanely hot.

A time when he was plugging her ass with a butt plug that was lubed up with hemp oil. I just remember the look of glee as he was doing it.

One where it initially looked to be one of the regular snaps where she strips while dancing, which would have been just as great because I dig that type of content, but it wasn’t. While dancing and slowly revealing her ass, a huge grin appeared on her face as Squash entered the bathroom, and without acknowledging the camera he proceeded to kiss her on the closest ass cheek to him - before the snap annoyingly timed out. Through years of watching homemade content like this, I’ve always wandered how many models have deleted footage of partners interrupting their scenes, because they got horny.

I'll always state that real couple sex is the best type of sex captured on camera, at least for my taste, and they further my belief in that. That intimacy, sensuality and intuitiveness shown when real couples get to smashing was displayed in a Valentines Day show, that is one of my favourite shows that I've seen on her premium. 

It’s a show you need to watch yourself, plus there are too many aspects for me to cover but my personal highlights were:


Both of the BJ scenes- the one earlier in the show because of the deliberately slow and sexy way she was sucking, allowing him at one point to use her mouth. And the final one that closed the show, causing Squash to finish in her mouth. Pumpkin has a sexy voice in general but also has a sultry voice that comes out in moments like this. And here she used it perfectly by making these really sexy, subtle, encouraging moans and comments to bringing him to climax.


Again his hands continually being on her ass whenever he had a chance to do so and also the long segments of her ass being close to the screen


* The overall level of intimacy displayed in their interaction without ever going as far as it becoming too sweet and saccharin. For example in the moment where Pumpkin was first blowing him, you can catch Squash sweetly rubbing her hand, that was rested on his thigh, all the while thrusting in her mouth. And there was a moment of her repeating she loved him while also saying nasty shit to him and encouraging him to slap her.


The close up angles and the overall various camera positions used where perfect. It was mixed with POV shots from both of their perspectives as well as fixed shots. The different shots used for the BJ and him going down on her was perfect, there was no iota of wasted footage.


There are other instances of them on screen together that made for incredible shows, some I saw prior to joining her premium such as a bath show featuring milk. But It’s not only when they're on screen together that makes for great content, Squash works equally well off camera, as a camera guy. Two shows come to mind. 


One was another bath show that at first looked like it was going to be another short segment because there was no titles screen to open it up,  Instead it opened up to Pumpkin outside of the bath without any costumes, set design or fancy lighting. It also had a couple of minutes of her goofing around. It ultimately ended up being an incredible mix of the style of her mini random shows closing in the style of her full length features.

Squash captured the first half of the show with slow and steady movements, as if it was shot with a steadicam. He matched her moves and also kept it still when it needed to be. He briefly employed a great shot that was slightly overhead when she momentarily started sucking a dildo, while on her kness in the bath, making her look cuter than she already does. The whole first half looked so smooth.  

She eventually made her way out of the bath and then it transitioned into Pumpkin’s traditional style of seated play, with the camera now being in a fixed position, close up to her as she fapped herself with a dildo. That whole segment looked equally as beautiful as the first half and after getting herself off she did that boner causing kneeling-glute-flexing thing again, this time also choosing to repeatedly bounce her rump on the bathroom rug.


The second one is my favourite of the two and another of my favourite shows so far. This one was probably the most representative of the art installation comparison that I started off with in the review. 

This one didn’t start off with a title card, but did start with the snaps of pictures that she almost always has before ever main show. It then officially started with Pumpkin laying nude on the floor, of what looked like a wood cabin, with a picturesque view of the forest behind them. Leaves momentarily fell on her before she started drawing a painting of one of those leaves in a sketch pad, that was on the floor beside her. The camera stayed relatively close to her face and artwork for a while, only moving around slightly with the familiar level of steadiness from the bath show above.


She was fully engrossed in the drawing only looking up and smiling when the camera was brought close to her face. By this time, Pumpkin had slightly elevated from lying prone and was now kneeling, and from over her shoulder, her beautiful humps were visible in the background, catching the light coming in through the glass doors. I was certain it was Squash recording when eventually he worked his way around the rest of her body and spent a good moment on her ass. To give him credit, he understood the assignment and resisted the urge to spend too long there and instead made time to pan over all of her body as well as the art she was painting.

'The Artist and The Artist’s Muse' should have been the title for this, if Pumpkin had decided to make one. Even though Pumpkin was in every frame of the show, it almost wasn’t even about her... but about Squash and us being able to see her through his lens, literally and figuratively. There wasn’t a strong sexual tone to this at all, no playing with herself or any sexual interaction with him. It was him admiring all of her, from head to toe, including loving the artist that she is, shown by him providing the leaves and observing her paint - spending either more or equal time doing that, than he spent looking at her body. I don’t know if Squash is an artist but in the two times that I’ve seen him behind the camera, he has shown some kind of creative trait, and if he isn’t then it must just come from Pumpkin being his muse.


In a space where almost everyone does similar things, Pumpkin is a breath of fresh air, from the shows to her brand of funny and quirky.

I earlier talked about the way she writes, purposely misspells things or just phrases certain things differently. Sometimes the combination of all of these make for captions that I find funny asf. There's one quick snap that I remember making me laugh super hard for no reason. She filmed herself while standing in front of her bathroom mirror stripping down, the camera capturing her nude body from her head to about waist high. Pumpkin didn't say a word throughout the first couple of snaps, but when it came to the final snap a caption appeared below saying, ‘jokes on u i have soxxs on i’m not naked’ .


DM’s are always responded to, it might take a while if she’s working but she does. Tips are acknowledged too, she even sometimes responds in her unique way via video messages or voice notes.


I feel like I ended up joining Pumpkin’s premium at the exact right time, Squash’s addition seems to have definitely been a great help to her as I remember in the past, before I joined her premium, she very briefly mentioned breaking up with a different partner at the time, and the problems that came from that.

Even on premium she doesn’t divulge too much info on her personal life, some stuff here and there, sometimes it’s sort of hidden in the jokes she leaves in the captions for you to decipher. I think it was in a caption where she mentioned going to therapy - although she has more openly talked about having a chronic illness, so therapy might be in relation to that.


I think her and Squash, currently live separately so I hope this helps in someway to get enough funds for them to move in together because I dig their chemistry… and because I wanna continue to live through Squash as he buries his face in her ass.


If Kate Bush was a premium snapper, this is what you would get. 

- TPR (Apr '22)

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