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I’ve come to accept that I definitely have a bias. Certain minor aspects or things that I may dislike from one model, I find myself caring less about or even liking in a model that I've taken a shine to. Readers familiar to this site, know I’ve been honest from the jump about my love of a great bum and because I’m buying the content myself, I’m more often than not, going to go with something I gravitate to.

A case in point is my discovery and love of, Lola Lee.


Meet Lola

Lola advertised her Snap services on another model’s premium account, she uploaded pictures and TikTok style clips but with no live snaps confirming authenticity I wasn’t initially going to go any further, until I saw that she was selling access through my favourite verified platform. 

I initially went to Lola’s FanCentro account only to buy her premium account, well, two premium accounts. Lola has two sides of her that she presents in the form of two separate premium accounts. One is a domme/mistress side, the other a ‘normal’, sexy girl next door type - she had a sale for a good price, so I got both.

At first, the premium wasn’t what I was used to, instead of live snaps it was similarly presented in the way her promo was - entirely uploaded pictures and sometimes clips. But God was she sexy and in possession of a great ass that really stood out in the portrait selfies that she takes, plus I grew to like the captions she always has written alongside all of the pics - I’ll touch on that more later.

I figured that her premium was probably used more as a funnel to get buyers to go to her membership pages, a practice that I'm usually not a fan of, because for me, a Premium Snapchat should be it’s own different experience… but as it was a relatively cheap price for ‘lifetime’ access I couldn’t really complain and beyond that, from what I had seen of Lola at the time, I still felt compelled to see more. So I also subscribed to see her feed on FC which also meant access to buy content sent to my DM’s, as well as from her FanCentro store - eventually leading to me buying a bunch of her fairly priced vids, in quick succession.


This is the bias I was explaining in the earlier paragraph… my ass bias. Her bum is so nice that I didn’t write her off based on the Snapchat but wanted to see more of her in motion. And she didn’t disappoint. She has an array of vids showing off that derrière, ranging from POV’s of her taking hard backshots, to ones of her riding her hubby with her back to the camera. Lola’s ass is a gorgeous peach, weighty with a deep crack and plenty of jiggle, that again falls under the ones that have been bestowed to her by the Gods Of Ass, though she jokingly attributes it to Nutella Pancakes. That might be partly true but it’s definitely a natural wonder that would still be noticeable without the additional help from the Ferrero made brand. Watching her older content can attest to that, because even when she was overall slimmer, she still had a bum that was a work of art. 


The Feed

The pictures and occasional clips that Lola posts on Snap also appear on her FanCentro feed and, to me, the scrolling-social media type format of the feed, is a better place for her content than on her Snapchat stories, at least for my tastes - although, I've since grown accustomed to watching them on Snap. Her feed works as a great place to come back to, in case I miss it during the 24hr window of a Snap story or if I just want to revisit it at a later date.


She posts 5/6 days a week, content is well curated and not just random uploads, with the pictures and clips pretty much always being themed. Lola has been dressed up as a sexy police officer, a slutty maid, Easter bunny, Halloween themed attire or various latex outfits etc. - and scrolling through past posts, this has something that she has been consistent in, scheduling the set through hourly intervals in the day. Individual pics are presented on separate posts, as opposed to having a full set in one post to scroll through.

Again, I don’t know if it’s because I have a bias for Lola or just because she does it well, but things like the emoji filled captions that accompany pictures or videos that models tend to use on these membership sites and social media, I normally dislike or just tolerate… with Lola, it goes beyond me even just tolerating it but actually loving some of it (apart from anything mentioning the overused step-dad trope). When you’re presented with various pictures of her incredible buttocks,  with a caption like “Would you fuck me like this? I promise I will hold my cheeks open”,  it brings out a positive primal trigger in me. These particular ass related captions show an understanding of part of what makes her derrière so great - her deep, weighty cheeks. Even in another post she captioned something to the effect of a dick getting lost in there. Plus, some of those ass pictures evoke thoughts in my mind, that captions like, “Come get your face under my arse!” or “Spread my cheeks and eat my arse!” just perfectly articulate.


I happily scrolled all the way back to her first post, on 4th Jun 2021 - and I’ve also bought videos she made a few years back - and have concluded that as sexy as Lola looked earlier on, the thicker Lola, of recent, is something that I really appreciate. On a post on 14th Sep 2021, she perfectly addressed it in a picture post, “Gained a little weight but I’m happy with it -it’s all going to my arse & thighs, the bigger the better right???” Elsewhere she talked about not making content for close to a year because she was unhappy with her weight gain but like I touched on earlier, her recent video content, especially with her hubby, is great and has been a level up from their earlier content, (which was also good in it’s own right) partly due to her new found thickness. 

Video Content


Style of Content

Lola’s videos are homemade, which has pretty much been my preferred style of porn. Homemade refers more to the DIY style of content and not necessarily being just home based but so far, content recorded has seemingly only been within the confines of her home. On one recent post however, during one of the hottest days of the year in the UK, Lola’s daily post, this time, was shot outside in her garden. She sometimes has captions on pictures and videos mentioning liaisons with a neighbour, and this post had the same thing - this time implying that her married neighbour was peeking over the fence, as she was sunbathing. The pics and clips, which I first saw on her premium snap, showed her wiggling her bum and jiggling her tits, captioning that she was doing it to entertain the neighbour. This was my first time seeing Lola outside, and scrolling back it looks as though this may be possibly the second time she has filmed any content ‘outside’ of her home, Full videos that I’ve bought, so far, are also home based.

Lola’s content creation has only started relatively recently, probably beginning during the lockdown, so only having content from home makes complete sense. But now that she has given a taste of some out door content, I would hopefully love to see more of that, if making content away from her abode is something she’s comfortable in doing.

The style of content she puts out falls into three main categories - Solo, boy/girl and domme. Within those three, she films various styles for each. So the solo category could be a twerk video, playing with a dildo, getting off with a vibrator, sploshing, cosplay (in pictures) etc

No words

I don’t think I’ve ever heard Lola speak, videos that she sells sometimes have moments of the sound being muted, I’m guessing because she or her hubby said something that would take the viewer out from the scene, I'm guessing one of them was giving directions or instructions in regards to filming. But even outside of that, from content that I've seen so far, videos that could have dialogue, don't, but their moans and general sounds of pleasure are always captured. Lola not speaking somehow ups her cute factor and also gives her an added mysterious aura that lends itself to her domme role. 

Most domme type content I’ve seen is often very verbal-centric and plays a huge role in driving the dominant narrative. With Lola not saying any dialogue, all the focus is on how she acts - her facial expressions, body movement and how she uses her props. 

A scene where she was to use a vibrator, to tease and slightly torture her man, was a great example of that. The earlier portion of the video had her alternating between looking into the camera and looking at her ‘slave’ bent over in front of her, her face showing a mix of bratty authority and naughty intrigue. While she was displaying these facial expressions, she was simultaneously putting on her latex gloves in a very dramatised way, taking a good amount of time applying oil to it too. This type of content is not usually my go to, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off Lola through the duration. In mostly watching her regular content, I remember really loving seeing this convincing transformation into this domme character. Everything was subtle, her body language and general stance showed dominance. She didn’t have to resort to facial expressions of her looking mean or angry, it was all of what I just described as well as the added look of glee as she probed, prodded and teased him. The way she grabs his balls, something which she likes to do in regular boy/girl content too, was done differently here - and again, wasn’t done in an overly aggressive way - but in a way that still managed to show that she was in charge. Lola's final facial expression of surprise came at the end… when he came… bringing him to climax and then bringing her viewers closer to see the mess he had made. 

Managing to convey all of that, without saying a word is impressive and the fact that I enjoyed this genre of porn, a type that I never really seek out, also speaks volumes.

Another incredible showing of an almost completely silent performance, was in a show that was coincidentally similar in a few aspects - she had on the same black latex dress and was using the same vibrator but now she was pleasuring herself with it. This dress that added to her dominant look in the previous video, had the complete opposite effect here, in this submissive role. 

It was a solo show, well partly solo, her partner joined in later but in this video all of that bratty-domme energy was replaced with a sweet and passive Lola. As she played with herself, her body slightly jerked every time she made contact with her sensitive clit and her facial expressions were so expressive that it could have been used in a Beautiful Agony style video. The aspect that I loved the most was the eye contact she intermittently gave to her partner who was off screen. Her eyes and facial expressions communicating how good it felt and how powerful the vibrator was, while simultaneously looking like she was seeking his approval. 

Shooting and Editing

The videos themselves are shot well, nothing crazy or too adventurous, a good handle of the basics is shown with good coverage and good lighting. In partner content, they use both fixed positions, usually in multiple angles, as well as POV, which is shot by Mr Lee to great affect when banging Lola in doggy. It would be such a missed opportunity if a scene containing doggystyle wasn’t shot from his point of view, when you have a tush like Lola’s at your disposal; capturing footage of her ass in that position can easily elevate any scene.

A great touch that they employ, is the use of height. An example of this is in the videos I brought up in the, No Words section above. In those contrasting styles of video and contrasting sides of Lola, they used the camera position differently. When Lola, was being dominant the camera was set relatively low, with Lola being taller than her viewing audience and also her sub on his knees, making her seem even more of a presence and making the viewer forget that she is 5ft4. In the second video, of a submissive Lola, the camera was placed high, looking down at her on the bed, adding to the feeling of her passive and slightly subservient nature, that she brought across perfectly in the way she acted.

I've always loved, in art, when sometimes something is implemented as a necessity but can turn into a style that is purposely used… this seems to be apparent in Lola's videos. When the video is shot from a fixed position, there are times when in an attempt to not show her or both of their faces and instead of using a glitchy jump cut, the scene continues to play but will instead be instantly zoomed in, usually focusing on whatever action is taken place (e.g. close up of penetration etc). That is a technique that I've seen used before outside of porn to hide something but, to my point, it's something that she also does in the videos where she is showing her face - meaning at some point it turned into a conscious style choice.


It’s used well to emphasise certain things that she or they may be doing. Like at the end of one of my favourite videos, the zoom was used to hide her face as she dismounted from riding him but you quickly forget the intended use of the zoom, when it was now focussed on her amplified, bootyful rump. She seemingly knew she would use the zoom cut when editing, so played up to that by spreading her cheeks to show her asshole for a final time before the video closes.

Lola probably also opts to use it to break up any potential monotony, from the times when the camera is in a fixed position for a long period of time, but that effect is used sparingly and is never overused.

Mr and Mrs Lee

Lola is ridiculously sexy from head to toe, her gorgeous eyes, lips, thighs and ass being my personal loves. On the surface, with her sweet girl next door look, if I didn't actually see the dominant style of content that she makes, I don’t think I would’ve believed it was in her remit to do so, but she and her husband can switch between the roles well.


One of my biggest pet peeves is when a model has a certain attribute that for whatever reason, she doesn't highlight at all or enough, that doesn't exist with Lola. She knows her bum is special and proudly 'talks' about it but more importantly shows it off. I think I probably have all of the twerking and ass shaking videos, that she's currently made, and they're all great, as she she actually knows how to twerk.


The best video where she showcased her skills was where she first twerked to Beyonce's song, '7/11', her cheeks effortlessly switching between the various beat changes, slowdowns and instrumental clapping in the song. Also loved how she brought her ass closer to the camera at points, giving the viewer the visual treat of seeing her tight asshole appear and disappear between the two walls of cheek but also the occasional audio treat of her cheeks colliding together on beat - a couple claps managing to be heard over the sound of the loud music. She paused to briefly spread her cheeks and then rub and lightly finger her asshole before following up with another song, 'Oh Nanana'  by, Bonde R300. On this one she entirely switched up the twerking style to incorporate the Brazilian style of twerking called, Quadradinho. She made each cheek rhythmically elevate and lower, again on beat, causing a beautiful view of rippling and jiggling. A perfect video for lovers of great asses.

Part of the reason I love their couple content, is that I believe the sex they capture on camera is something they do in real life, maybe not the exact same set up, but I don't think anything they do on camera is something they haven't done when the camera is off. It looks too natural to be something they just manufacture for content. I’m going to have to reference that submissive Lola scene again because I think that scene shows the authenticity that I’m talking about. 

That scene looked like it was supposed to be a solo scene, but, in my mind, her hubby decided to watch, getting turned on in the process - from both watching her play and from Lola continuingly looking at him, causing him to eventually get involved - burying his mouth on her every time she climaxed. Him joining in looked like it wasn't planned, just an authentic moment caught on camera for lucky viewers to watch.

I’m not sure if it’s a style choice in them choosing not to have dialogue in the videos but I like that they don't, as it prevents them from falling into the trap of saying corny and clichéd porno quotes while fucking. I don’t think it’s in their nature to do that anyway, their moans and grunts seem authentic, and never the over the top stuff that can be common place.

On her IG, that I recently discovered, she also mentioned that they both like to involve other people, so that may be hopefully something that will be shown in future content. Would be great if they got a couple or person who's not involved in content creating, but who also wouldn’t mind being filmed. Maybe 'the neighbour' that Lola has mentioned can make an appearance…


It’s fun trying to get an insight to her through the XXX content she posts, as she really only posts content strictly for titillation - but does drop subtle clues , if you're paying attention.. On her Instagram account, I was able to gain more of an insight into her, but before that, from just watching her porn, I gleaned some other info.

Her love of latex, obviously a classic uniform for a domme but she also wears it in her submissive role. Also, I think that cows might be Lola’s favourite animal. She has worn cow based lingerie on a couple of occasions and also in one of her videos I noticed an image of a couple of cows on her bed pillow.  

On a Snap story, she posted one of her many ass pictures and when I eventually took my eyes away from her butt, I noticed a Freddie Mercury poster in the background and commented on it. This led to a brief discussion on our mutual love of Freddie and Queen.

There is also her love of plants that I had an inkling of her love for, from seeing plants in the background of some videos and the garden clips she posted, but it was confirmed when I recently saw the saved stories on her IG, which really laid out her horticultural lifestyle. Her love of Freddie Mercury was also confirmed on her IG too - answering a question while playing the aptly titled, Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen.

My favourite videos by Lola, so far (no order)

1. Latex Dress Vibrator Finger Fuck with husband

2. Strip Tease + Suction Dildo Fuck on bedside table

3. Red Corset/Stockings Creampie sex tape

4. Clothed Facesitting on slave

5. Twerking on a Dildo

6. Pink Latex Dress Cowgirl Creampie sex tape

7. Slave Vibrator Play and Allowed To Cum

8. Twerking In Red Dress and Heels with no panties on

9. Birthday Cake Smash

10. Doggystyle, Tongue Fucked and Cow Girl Creampie


It’s become common place for models to use agencies to work their profiles, providing a bunch of services on behalf of them including sending and replying to messages.

I‘m pretty sure Lola is not currently signed to any agency, so I’m pretty certain in my assumption that is actually her you are talking to, and not Bob from the local agency. I’m pretty confident in saying this because she generally answers messages around the same time-frame, every morning (UK time) on both FanCentro and on Snapchat. Mostly replying once a day but if you happen to catch her when she’s still online, you won’t have to wait till the next day for a reply. Whereas agencies usually have guys working around the clock in shifts, trying to get sales. And aside from the standard locked video messages that Lola sends, she never tries to do all of those pushy selling techniques that is synonymous with these places. Lola normally engages in regular conversations that don’t try to eventually lead you into buying something, unless you’re requesting specific content. I haven't experienced those mass messages, faking as a message sent to you personally. She does also sell video bundles, mystery boxes and those pre determined wheel spin things. I just tend to buy the vids that have a clear description of what you’ll expect and a visual preview.

Another thing that lets me know it’s almost definitely her, is that she seeks feedback on her content. After buying, when she’s next online, she will occasionally send a message asking if I liked the videos.


Lola's quality of content is great, and good content creators always want to put out great product. I can sense that she takes this seriously through the way she curates her work, posting content that is somewhat thematic and not random posts. Lola’s recent video offerings, since her break from shooting, have been stellar - both as a domme but especially in the regular sex tapes- and like I mentioned she asks for feedback on her content. I also realise she, like other models, like to collate the good reviews to show potential buyers, so I understand that added incentive to ask for feedback. I’ve personally never had a reason to tell Lola that her content was anything other than great, so I’m not sure how she would respond to someone saying something negative about it, but I assume she would accept constructive feedback from her subscribers. 


I once asked her about the possibility of making a particular video that would definitely suit someone with her curvy bottom, and she said that it would be put on her to do list - so fingers crossed she does it, because it has the potential to be another of my favourite videos from Mrs Lee.

In a very recent review of, LumeProductions, I talked about my love of Elly and Lucy's Britishness being a part of why their content is great. I see similar things with Lola, her writing ‘arse’ instead of ‘ass’ in recent posts and other examples of writing in a quintessentially British way, is another cool thing to see.

To me there is not anything that I would consider a major negative on Lola’s FanCentro page but there are things that would make it an even better experience.

Scrolling back on the feed, you will find a full length sex video that she posted on the feed. It would be cool to see her upload more videos on the feed, occasionally, maybe videos that she plans to retire soon. And because, as of yet, she doesn’t post full shows on her Snapchat, this may be an added incentive for solely Snap subscribers to also subscribe to her FC feed. But I would understand if she wouldn’t want to do this as the price to subscribe to her FC is already set at a good price. Maybe a cool compromise would be to have more sexy snippets and clips or real previews of videos she plans to sell, to balance out the abundance of still shots.

Lola is one of those models that, in a relatively short time, has built up enough stock with me, that I would buy almost every video she drops, as long the price is not insane and there is some kind of screenshot/preview of what to expect in the video. I’ve never really been a fan of the mass DM spamming culture that has been a thing for the last few years, especially when it seems to be sent indiscriminately and you often end up receiving the same videos. That’s probably one thing I would love to see change everywhere, not just with Lola. FC need to implement a feature that allows users to delete or hide messages, they don’t want in their message thread to prevent it getting saturated and to be able to quickly find convos or videos you've bought that are not in the purchased video section. However, they do also have a store where models can upload the videos, with just the title, a visual preview, summary and a price. That’s all I personally need, the fake limited/time sensitive content or videos that were made a while back, but are now presented as new content, plus other marketing shenanigans are not needed for me. 

I have bought some vids in her store, that caught my eye and requested vids from her that weren't listed in her video menus, and luckily she had a couple of those particular styles already recorded, so more great content added to my increasing Lola Lee library. 

Arse Bias

I should state that the whole bias point that I started this write-up with, although true, was still partly used for comedic intent. No bias would genuinely affect any review. The initial thing I described, in still wanting to see more from Lola after viewing her Snap, wasn’t just based on her beautiful bum. It was a combination of that and me seeing some value in what she was snapping - I guess a general intuition built from being a regular buyer of adult content.  If she didn’t respond to messages or wasn’t posting or the content was lacklustre, those things would’ve been detailed here too. (Click here to see Scarlette, a different model with one of the best derriere’s that I’ve seen on camera, get a negative premium Snapchat review).

Even in my like of Lola and her content, I’ve still listed some minor cons about her FanCentro but it’s nothing that takes away too much from the great experience I’ve had so far on there.

Lovers of British beauties with booties, check out her FanCentro here, and let me know if I’m right or tell me if I just have an arse bias for Lola Lee.


(July '22)

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